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Val-El, the grandfather of Seg-El, is being sentenced to death for committing crimes against the government. Daron, a member of the House of Vex, is his prosecutor. But not only is Val sentenced to death, the council decides to disband the House of El, making its members rankless, including young Seg.

Val is sentenced to death and taken to his execution right away. Without saying a word, Seg watches his father being executed as Val is dropped into the deep dark.

Years later, a 22-year old Seg is seen fighting at a bar as he and his best pal Kem are scamming a couple of men. But a strange man is watching from afar as he has some form of interest in Seg.

Seg returns home and is told that the council wishes to see him. When Seg meets with Daron, he is told that he has been chosen to bind with his daughter Nyssa. By doing so, he will get ranked again, but not as a member of the House of El. 

The mysterious man approaches Seg and tells him that he is Adam Strange of Earth. But not only is he from a different planet, he is from the future. He tells Seg that his grandson Superman has become the greatest hero in the universe. But now something threatens to take Superman out of existence.

Adam hands Seg a piece of a crystal that has the House of El symbol on it. He tells Seg that he needs to find the fortress or everything is lost.

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Krypton Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Adam: I come from a planet called Earth. A time centuries from now. And I've come here to warn you. Someone from the future is coming to destroy Krypton.
Seg: Okay, right. Why? Why would they do that?
Adam: Because where I'm from, your grandson becomes the greatest hero in the universe. Like, ever. Unless somebody changes things to make sure that he's never born...
Seg: You all right?
Adam: I'm running out of time. Take this. You have to find the fortress. You have to save Superman.

Kal-El. My future grandson. This is the story of the House of El. Our ending has yet to be written. But this is how it began. Ours is a story of sacrifice and triumph. How the House of El led a revolution against tyranny. The story of your family isn't how we died. But how we lived.