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Henry and Nicky are training together, and Nicky is distracted by the fact that the professor they found is missing.

Evan walks in and interrupts a semi-awkward face-to-face moment.

Evan found Zhilan and the professor, and the international police are sent to their location.

Zhilan has the professor tied up somewhere, and they discuss the weapons. Zhilan threatens him and wants to know the details that he knows about the weapons.

Nicky and the family have a tense moment.

Nicky learns that the Singapore police did not find Zhilan and that she's back at square one.

Nicky tries to go get lunch with Ryan, but he's busy with his job.

Nicky runs into a girl and helps her with her heavy bag. Nicky learns that the people where this girl works are being mistreated.

Henry finds the professor's TA, but she's unable to meet.

Henry picks the lock into her office, much to the surprise of Nicky.

Zhilan is torturing the professor, and he reveals that he knows where one of the weapons is. The professor figured out who Zhilan is, and makes it known that he believes that he is going to die by her hand.

Meanwhile, Nicky and Henry find something interesting in the office, bearing the same symbol as Zhilan's necklace.

They head back to the community center, where the girl Nicky met is being carted away by an ambulance.

Nicky is concerned about the girl and tries to find Ryan.

Althea seems to be avoiding an issue while hiding it from her family.

Nicky finds Ryan at a bar, seemingly on a date with a cute guy.

The cute guy, luckily, knows some details about the girl, Faye's issue.

Zhilan shows the professor the sword, which leaves the professor speechless.

Althea gets Nicky into the party hosted by the company that Faye works for.

Nicky approaches the designer about the unfair working conditions and learns that the guys in charge are actually on the side of the union.

The in-charge men reveal they're taking the company public, and Ryan finds out that the workers (specifically, Faye) are being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Althea gets approached by a woman and the woman wants her to her story about "what her boss did to her."

The professor reveals that the sword also has a scabbard.

Zhilan reveals that she poisoned the coffee she gave him and that he is going to die.

Nicky is exploring the factory floor and is trying to find the chemicals.

Faye doesn't know where the chemicals could be, and she is the only one getting sick.

Nicky finds that the man, Brett, lied to her and is not pro-union and that he threw away all of the union signatures.


Brett shows up and she accuses him of poisoning Faye. The guy locks her in a supply closet and calls someone to clean up the situation.

Nicky cannot break out of the closet, as someone arrives with a gun to finish the job.

Nicky tries to meditate and gets a flashback of her Shifu teaching her how to break through a thick slab as she keeps trying to break through the door.

She succeeds at getting through the door before the man with the gun gets to her and kicks his butt. She tied him up and left him for the police.

Nicky uses the hitman's phone and calls Brett. She exposes him to the whole party by recording their conversation and playing it over the speakers.

Brett gets arrested, and the owner of the company is shocked and didn't know anything.

Zhilan gets the double swords and now has two out of the eight weapons.

Ryan reveals that the company is going to pay off Faye's medical bills.

Jin confronts Mei-Li about the broken fridge and starts crying when putting up family photos.

Nicky fills in for Ryan at the restaurant, and Althea is struggling to deal with her past

Evan finds out that Henry and Nicky broke into the office, and asks someone to look into Henry.

Nicky opens the final puzzle box that they took from the office and reveals a key of unknown origin.



Kung Fu
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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Henry: Right now we're training. You're distracted, rushing it.
Nicky: Well if you just learned that your Shifu her own sister, who's now probably kidnapped the one person who might know where the weapons are which means you may never find Zhilan? You'd be distracted, too.
Henry: Yeah, distracted maybe. Sloppy though?

Professor: I've been watching you. You're necklace. The crane. The insignia of the Zhang family. One of the eight guardian families. You are Zhang Zhilan, you have a sister, Pei-Ling. Your father, I read somewhere that he was murdered. You must have been just a child.
Zhilan: You know nothing.
Professor: I have no reason to tell you where weapon the is, whether I speak or not, this ends one way. With me, dead. So, I would like that coffee -- please.