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The episode opens with Nicky and Henry training while flirting.

They finish up training and start studying up Chinese history and Ancient literature.

Nicky and Henry are trying to figure out how the Scabbard fits into everything, but instead, they find out more about the green light and Nicky's burn.

Nicky had a strange memory about a woman in a hooded robe that glowed green.

Pei-Ling appears in the flashback.

Nicky figures out that the Scabbard can glow like all the other weapons and starts to believe in the magic.

Henry wants Nicky to celebrate their breakthrough, and they agree.

Jin and Mei-Li converse about the violence they have witnessed against their friends because of their race.

Althea and Dennis have a conversation, and she tries to tell him about her sexual assault. She is too afraid to tell him.

Joe and Ryan talk on the phone, and they set a date for the next day at noon!

Nicky and Henry are out on their date and agreed to eat and have Boba.

Nicky has a desire to learn more and is distracted while on their date. He agrees to go back to the library with their Boba.

Nicky and Henry walk onto a scene where someone was just shot, and they learn that the person that got shot was the skateboarder that ran into them a few minutes ago.

The next day, Nicky tells the family about the shooting, but her mom is only concerned about the shop owner.

Joe shows up at Ryan's office and cancels their date so he can go to a protest to push for the cop to get charges.

Jin and Mei-Li walk out of their kitchen to reveal writing demanding justice spray-painted on the restaurant's windows.

Henry and Nicky talk about the kid, Andre, and a news update reveals that Andre is dead.

Mei-Li is concerned about what will happen next to their shop.

Ryan plans to go to the protests to act as a medic, and Henry and Ryan have a conversation about their respective relationships.

Joe seems to lead his part of the protest, and he appreciates when he sees Ryan.

Mei-Li watches the news report, and tear gas starts being thrown by the cops.

Ryan is trapped outside with Joe in the tear gas, and they arrive at the restaurant with injured protestors. Mei-Li doesn't want anyone from the protest inside the restaurant, but the rest of the family outnumbers her.

Nicky lets other protesters injured before the cops walk by their restaurant in full riot gear.

Mei-Li is not happy about the people in her restaurant and is very unhappy that Ryan was at the protest.

Nicky and Althea have a conversation.

Evan shows up at the restaurant, saying that the police want to search the restaurant and that they are searching for Joe.

The place is surrounded, and Nicky tells Joe about his warrant. Joe wants to turn himself in to make it easier on the Shens because he knows that things will come down on them if he tries to escape.

Evan calls Nicky and tells her that the police are coming now. Joe is going to get arrested.

The cops walk in, and Nicky pulls a sparcatus, while Althea scoures the internet to find proof that Joe didn't incite the riot.

Althea finds a video that convinces the police that it wasn't incitement, that Joe called for a peaceful protest.

Mei-Li tells the family what really happened in the past. A rock was thrown through the restaurant's window with a hateful note.

A tracking shot of the memorials leads to Mei-Li leaving a flower and paying her respects.

Joe shows up at Ryan's work, and they share a loving kiss that seems to solidify their relationship.

Nicky and Henry are in the library continuing to study.

Henry's source finds one of the weapons (dagger), and they know the location.

Kung Fu
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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Pei-Ling: You are changing, Nicky.
Nicky: I am?
Pei-Ling: I have seen you with the other women here, listening to their stories, appreciating the simple joys of practice, of being. You want answers about what you think you saw, all I can say is there are mysteries in the world Nicky, unknown to most people. Energies. Presences.
Nicky: You're not talking about Shaolin anymore, are you?
Pei-Ling: Do not look for logic, where logic cannot live. Open your mind to the unknown.

Nicky: Pei-Ling told me something, and it goes beyond physics, beyond facts, and history. I didn't really believe her until now.
Henry: What do you mean?
Nicky: The unknown. Look in every illustration of the sword we found, the handle is smooth, when Pei-Ling showed it to me it was smooth When I grabbed it? Smooth. No markings, nothing. So how did this happen. The weapons glowed green. Well, I saw the sword glow, and this scabbard, it's inlaid with obsidian, like the sword. Black as night. Now if the weapons glowed green, and the sword glowed green, and this scabbard belongs to the sword... then... Henry! There are greater forces at play here. I think the magic is real.