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The saber-tooth tiger lunges at Ty. He shoots it. Another one comes, and the trio hides. Ty thought those animals were extinct.  Eve wants to keep going to return to Josh but doesn't want to pressure the others. They go with her but find more tigers and hunting traps.

Riley is getting concerned about Josh as the infection is spreading.

There's a flashback of Gavin in the hospital right after his accident. He tells Eve about the visions. She promises they'll get through it together. At present time, he gazes at her ring and tells Izzy he has a plan to prove their family is alive.

Dr. Nathan is also curious about Gavin and is studying his file. Gavin approaches Dr. Shen and wants him to carbonate Eve's ring and see if they can date where it was found.

Sam fell off a cliff and got separated. Ty and Eve have been searching for hours. Ty gets weak. They eventually find Sam, but he broke his back. It's hard to move him, but Eve doesn't want to leave him.

Meredith meets the Castillo girls. Veronica needs someone to watch Lilly while she buries their dad. Veronica gets Scott to help her find wolf tracks and blood to find her dad. 

The trio is struggling with Sam. Sam and Ty make Eve go ahead with the sutures and meds. Eve makes it just as Josh takes a worse turn. An unlikely stranger sees Ty and Sam and helps get them back.

The government brings Gavin to Dr. Nathan. He explains his visions. She thinks they started because there was another sinkhole nearby the day of his accident. They're leading a rescue team, and they want his help.


La Brea
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La Brea Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

That was a saber tooth tiger, right? Those things are extinct.


Eve: I don’t hear it anymore.
Ty: It could be lurking away.
Sam: First combat lesson I ever learned, you assume nothing. Let’s give it a minute.