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In LA, Eve is in the car with her kids, Izzy and Josh. They're fighting about their parents' separation. Suddenly, the sinkhole breaks, and chaos begins. The car crashes.

The Harris family runs. Josh stops to help a little girl. Josh falls. Eve tells Izzy to keep going while she finds Josh. Izzy tries to save her mom.

Nearby, Gavin Harris was applying for an Air Force job when saw the sinkhole disaster on TV. He gets to Izzy as soon as possible, and their reunion hug was emotional.

Eve is in a primeval world with forests and trees. She runs into another man named Ty who doesn't think this place is real. She is reunited with Josh. Everyone down there agrees they need to work together to survive.

Josh and Eve catch a woman hoarding food and then find a dead guy. An angry wolf approaches them. They run and everyone runs towards the cars. The wolf bites Josh, and Eve is terrified.

Dr. Samuel gets Josh to the bus, and he asks Riley to get him the first aid kit.

Back in LA, Dr. Sophia Lathem speaks about the tragedy and says there is no rescue mission since she doesn't believe anyone could have survived.

Gavin begins having visions of Eve and Josh in the other world but no one believes him.

He finds Eve's necklace near a boulder and Izzy and his sister Jessica start to wonder.

Dr. Daniel, Eve, and Ty find more supplies in an ambulance. They realize they're still near LA. A mountain lion spots them.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Izzy: I should’ve held on, and now they’re gone. It’s my fault.
Gavin: It’s not your fault. I got you. I got you.

Izzy: Hang on, okay?
Eve: Izzy, you’ve got to go.
Izzy: No, I’ve got you.