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Eve, Levi, and the others enter the mysterious fort. Scott thinks they are peaceful people named the Tombo who live here. Levi's plane picked up a signal from there so they split up in groups of two to search.

Sam tells the others they searched the woods for the old guy with the handprint but there was nothing. People start fighting. Ty suspects Lilly knows more and says back home he used play therapy to build trust. Sam suggests a game of softball since he found some equipment.

Josh and Riley find a hut with food. Josh explores underground, which leads them back outside.

Things are tense between Levi and Eve. She's angry Gavin knows about them. Suddenly,  Eve sees the red handprint. They walk into the hut and see Eddie buried with a stone handprint around him. Levi recognizes him.

Eddie was a scientist on the Mohave dessert team sent to rescue those from that sinkhole. The radar was from his walkie-talkie. Eve notices a recent fire and realizes they're not alone.

Rebecca is pushing for Gavin to leave tonight. Izzy is terrified. Sophia has someone down there too, her fiance Diana.

Lucas found some arrow spears and wants to take some for protection. As he and Scott fight about the drugs, someone pulls Lucas off Scott and attacks him. Then they throw an arrow spear at them.

Ty invites Lilly to play softball and learns more about their dad from Veronica. Later, Lilly tells Ty her dad coached her softball team and practiced her with her. She's not Veronica's sister. They kidnapped her.

Lucas and Scott use lighters to untie themselves. Scott confronts Lucas.

Gavin demands to know why they need to leave tonight. Rebecca shows him a letter they found from Eve, saying the light is closing.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Josh: I don’t know who’s in more danger, you or Scott.
Riley: I’m fine. Lucas isn’t actually going to kill Scott. He comes off a little aggressive but I think he’s harmless.

Eve: It doesn’t look like they’re home. There’s no one even guarding the entrance.
Scott: The Tombo were peaceful people. We probably don’t have too many enemies to worry about.