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The episode begins with Eve digging a grave for Diana and Eve and Marybeth bonding over what happened.

Scott shows Riley and Josh the gold and believes there's another way out if someone got it in here. Josh is hostile and angry towards everyone and thinks it's Eve's fault they're stuck down there. He won't forgive her.

Veronica tied Ty up by the gravesite. Paara from the fort sees him and reluctantly helps him.

The survivors hold a burial for Diana. Sam mentions wanting Marybeth's gun. Lucas mentions how she killed his dad. Lucas says they're not safe with Marybeth and Eve there, and the survivors vote them out, except for Riley, Scott, Sam, and Levi.

Gavin is forced to sign an NDA to be released from jail. He reunites with Izzy, and then he and Sophia start a new plan. On November 16, 1988, is when he was adopted. He needs her help finding out who dropped him off at child services.

Paara heals Ty. They're stuck in a cave during the storm and share more about each other.

Marybeth confronts Lucas, and then a pole and debris crash in on the two of them. Eve tries to break up on the rubble and then tries to dig a tunnel to get to them. Marybeth moved enough debris to see the light and get others' attention.

Marybeth soothed Lucas through a panic attack and told him the truth about his father's death, which was she killed him to protect Lucas.

Sophia found out that Gavin was given to children's services by the church. Rev. Harom tells them she placed him and a 12-year old girl. Gavin sees visions of Diana and Sophia something happened down there.

Sam decides to try using explosives to blow a hole in the concrete and pull them out. It works, and the survivors are kinder towards Eve and Marybeth.


La Brea
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La Brea Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

We’re not getting out of here. My mom made sure of that.


Maybeth: You’re hurting but this isn’t on you. Neither one of us wanted this to happen. Look, she shot first.
Eve: After being stuck here down here for three years, can you blame her?
Marybeth: If we hadn’t done what we’d done, we would’ve been burying our sons in the ground along with everyone else on that plane.