Unexpected News - La Brea
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James arrives at the cave. Sam makes him help them.

Eve wants to use the portal to travel back in time four hours to warn Gavin. Izzy goes along.

Eve and Izzy see James holding Ty and Levi at gunpoint to get the fuel rods. Eve distracts James to save their friends.

Scott tries to get Petra to open up. He recognizes the woman inside her locket.

James won't help unless he's returned to his time to restart the Lazarus project.

Lucas reacts poorly when Veronica reveals she's pregnant. He wants to live in 10,000 BC.

Gavin tells Sam the machine is overheating because the water supply isn't getting to it. Judah knows there's a spring out back, and Veronica goes with him.

Riley comforts Josh as he breaks down. Josh and Gavin share a heartbreaking goodbye when Gavin dies.

Scott tries to shield Petra from the dying bodies when he retrieved her inhaler. She promises to tell him everything if he finds her mom.

Sam gives Lucas a pep talk about change and fatherhood.

Judah and Veronica keep struggling to get the tree off the water supply. Lucas arrives with a horse and a rope and yanks it off. It cools off, and the portal re-opens.

The plan worked. Gavin found her warning on the map. When Eve and Izzy return, Gavin is alive, and the family happily reunites.

Lucas wants to name the baby Ella.

James and Gavin have a showdown in the control room. Gavin kills his father, and Eve finds him there. They almost escape, but then Eve gets locked in.

Eve gets sucked into a portal, and her family is horrified. Outside, they see large prints, and a T-Rex appears.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

I need my father. My fate and the fate of my family rest in your hands.


We are in this together. At least, I thought we were.