Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba - LA's Finest
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When a young boy becomes the target of a powerful cartel, Burnett and McKenna must race against the clock to keep him safe.

The pair take the young boy Kyle into protective custody, but he is eventually kidnapped by a drug cartel.

It's revealed his mother stopped the drug cartel from receiving their money, so the cartel took her son as hostage.

The LAPD set up a sting and McKenna goes undervocer as Kyle's mother.

The police are able to save Kyle and reunite him with his mother.

Burnett pursues her vendetta against Gabriel Knox, the man who tortured her, shot her, and left her for dead.

She goes to her estranged father Joseph for help and he leads her to an old confidential informant named Ray, who's an associate of Gabriel's.

Burnett goes to Ray's club, and things quickly turn dangerous. 

McKenna arrives and saves Burnett from any further trouble.

McKenna presses, and Burnett eventually reveals why she's after Gabriel Knox. 

They promise no more secrets, but at the end of the episode, it's revealed McKenna knows Ray.

Elsewhere, Izzie protests her school's new dress code and Patrick is named interim district attorney.

Lastly, Joseph warns Burnett about going after Gabriel, but she doesn't care.

LA's Finest
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LA's Finest Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Patrick: Is that my credit card? We gave that to you for emergencies.
Izzie: A draconian dress code policy enforced by a slut-shaming patriarchy enabler is an emergency.

McKenna: What are you doing anyway?
Burnett: Dating.
McKenna: Online?
Burnett: Don’t judge me just because you’re out of the game.
McKenna: I’m not out of the game. I won the game. I got married.
Burnett: Uh, you did not win the game. The game played you.
McKenna: Well, does the game make you breakfast in bed or fix a leaky faucet?
Burnett: My building has maintenance and food can be delivered. Oh, check that out.
McKenna: Is that a Toblerone?
Burnett: Guess again.