Not Slowing Down - Last Man Standing
"Granny Nanny"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 11, Vanessa refuses to believe that she needs to slow down, going above and beyond on her grandma responsibilities.

"Meatless Mike"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 10, Mike’s willpower is put to the test when Vanessa challenges him to go vegetarian, while Ed trolls ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

"Grill In The Mist"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 9, in the wake of the pandemic, Mike and Kristin are forced to make some tough business decisions involving Outdoor Man.

"Lost And Found"

On Last Man Standing SEason 9 Episode 8, Ed pits Mike and Joe against each other to find the next classic car for renovation and Chuck teaches them a lesson.

"Preschool Confidential"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 7 Vanessa’s attempt to have both her granddaughters admitted to an elite preschool puts her in a sticky situation.

"A Fool And His Money"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 6, Mike regrets convincing Joe to use his inheritance to buy a classic jeep when he realizes how he intends to restore it.

"Outdoor Toddler"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 5, when Vanessa asks Ed to revive the Outdoorman Toddler campaign, she must choose between her new granddaughters for the ad.

"Jen Again"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 4, Mike surprises Vanessa with a visit from Jen, but it might last longer than anyone really expected.

"High On The Corporate Ladder"

On Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 3, Mike reluctantly finds himself acting as Ryan’s mentor when he ends up being offered a big corporate job.

"Dual Time"

ON Last Man Standing Season 9 Episode 2, the Baxters see double when Vanessa hires a home improvement repairman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mike.

Last Man Standing Quotes

Mike: How are you doing?
Ryan: I am good. You actually made me realize it is time to get serious and stop being a victim and take some control over my life.
Mike: See, you just needed a little push.
Ryan: So I am moving the family to Canada.
Vanessa: You're moving to Canada?
Ryan: Look I know it is kind of sudden, so please try not to overreact.
Vanessa: You're ripping my grandbaby from my arms!

Kyle: I am trying to DVR my favorite TV show but it is not on.
Vanessa: Oh, well maybe it got canceled. The TV business can be heartless.
Kyle: It didn't get canceled. Why would they cancel a popular TV show that everybody loves?
Mike: Maybe they're a bunch of idiots. Just try another channel.
Vanessa: Oh Mike, they don't just take a show off of one network and put it on another.
Kyle: Hey there it is! You were right Mr. B.
Mike: Is it me or is it way better on this network?