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Modern Mode website rejects Mandy's fashion designs. She and Kyle decide to deal with the bad news by taking a trip to Italy.

Mike and Vanessa are upset the kids are blowing their savings on a vacation, especially since they live rent-free. They remind Mandy that she and Kyle may need that money for her business down the road.

After having lunch with an old high school friend, Mandy decides to ditch fashion for real estate. Vanessa takes the news hard because she feels Mandy is giving up on her dream of being a fashion designer.

Mandy's news also hits home with Vanessa because she didn't follow her dreams when she was younger. Mike tries to talk to Vanessa, but she won't listen since she feels he pursued his dream of Outdoor Man.

In an attempt to help both the women in his life, Mike talks to Mandy. He reminds her of her incredible talent for fashion. Despite being tired of the rejection, Mandy appears open to sticking with fashion after Mike's pep talk.

Mike later tells Vanessa that Outdoor Man was his goal. Vanessa and the girls were his dream. He reminds his wife, they made that dream happen together.

Kristin enlists Chuck's help with a new Outdoor Man grill promo. Ed overhears and volunteers to be the spokesperson.

Disaster erupts when Ed becomes camera shy and can't say the words Kristin wrote. He attempts to ad lib, but it doesn't fly with Kristin.

Chuck saves the day when he dubs his voice into the promo, so it looks like Ed is saying the words. He also does some trick camera angles to make the spot more focused on the grill instead of Ed.

Both Ed and Kristin are thrilled with the new promo.

Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Vanesa: It is better she talks to you. You're someone who made their dreams come true.
Mike: Let's not get into this again.
Vanessa: You think that is an insult? Well, I have a couple more. You're handsome, and you're good in the sack.
Mike: Oh really! Well how about this, you're intelligent, and you have a nice rack. Now you go!
Vanesa: But seriously. Outdoor Man was your dream, and you made it come true. That is pretty impressive.
Mike: More specifically, Outdoor Man was a goal of mine., this is my dream. You, the kids, us and I didn't make this dream happen, we made this happen.
Vanessa: Just when I think I can't love you any more than I do, it happens.
Mike: Well that is because you understand I am intelligent and good in the sack.

Mike: I am looking at the stuff you did as a kid, this is early stuff you did. Honey this is really amazing. Your work is spectacular.
Mandy: You really think it is good?
Mike: I think it is great. But it doesn't matter what I think, or Modern anybody thinks. The only person that has to think it is great is sitting in your chair right now.
Mandy: I just don't know if I can take it anymore. This isn't my first rejection dad. I am sick of hearing them say no.
Mike: Then you can pack all this stuff up. And that is ok, that is ok. But then you will never experience what is like when they go yes, yes!
Mandy: Just tell me the truth. Does life get any easier?
Mike: No! But the good news is that it goes by real quick.