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Mike decides to give Ed a Christmas present. He has the street leading to Outdoor Man renamed Ed Alzate Way. 

Ed does not like the present, leaving Mike stumped. While Ed is bartending at the VFW, Mike confronts him about the gift. Ed shares it is another reminder that he is not needed at Outdoor Man anymore.

After listening to Ed talk about the veterans at the VFW, Mike comes up with an idea. He enlists Ed to help Outdoor Man hire more veterans. Mike believes Ed's insight can benefit both veterans and the company.

Ed agrees to work with all Outdoor Man stores to hire veterans based on their unique skills and the company's needs. 

Kristin, Ryan, Kyle, and Mandy plan to see the Nutcracker instead of helping decorate the Baxter's Christmas tree. Vanessa and Mike decide to decorate the tree just the two of them like they did when they were first married.

However, as the decorating begins without them, Ryan, Kristin, Kyle, and Mandy quickly realize they would rather be part of the family tradition than see the Nutcracker. 

The family is enjoying decorating and drinking hot chocolate when Eve arrives with a new star for the tree. 

Kristin, Mandy and Eve write and sing a new Baxter family Christmas song for the family.


Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Mandy: Kyle and I have plans tonight.
Mike: You're not going to help us decorate the fire hazard?
Vanessa: They are being cultured Mike. They are going to the Nutcracker with Kristin and Ryan.
Kyle: Yeah, I have never been to the ballet. I can't believe they get to wear slippers at work.
Mike: Well buckle up. It is three hours of people dancing and occasionally prancing.

Ed: What are you doing here?
Mike: After your little performance at work, I thought I would stop by and find out why you hated my gift?
Ed: I didn't hate it. I loved it. Best gift I ever got.
Mike: And the Oscar goes to anybody else. Come on, why did you hate it?
Ed: Alright, alright. I didn't like it. You know who gets streets name after them? Dead guys!
Mike: This is why I gave it to you this year and not next year.
Ed: It made me realize my career at Outdoor Man is really over.
Mike: Do you also realize you can come back to work any time you wanted?
Ed: When a man wakes up in the morning he needs to realize he has a purpose. See, I am not needed at Outdoor Man. I realize that now, thanks to you.
Mike: It doesn't sound like you are very grateful.
Ed: I actually am. I need to look forward Mikey, not backward.