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On Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 2, Mike mourns the death of his father Bud the best way he knows how -- by ignoring his feelings. He's determined to get rid of his father's old things but Vanessa tries to convince him to give thought into his decision before getting rid of anything. Mike explains to Vanessa he doesn't care about any of the things his father left behind because Bud wasn't a good father. 

Mike, alone in the garage, has a vision of Bud. The men talk and Mike asks him why he never said he loved him when he was a kid. Bud counters with Mike never saying he loved him. Mike and Bud both realize they waited too long to express how they felt and it's now too late to go back and fix things. 

Kristin eventually comes to visit to talk about taking over Bud's business and Mike wants to know why she idolized Bud so much. Kristin explains when she found out she was pregnant at 17 it was Bud who was with her. She told Bud she was afraid to tell Mike because she felt like he wouldn't love her but Bud explained to Kristin Mike will love her even more because it's the kind of father he is. Mike takes solace in Bud knowing Mike turned out to be a great father who showed love for his children. 

Want to see what else happens? Go watch Last Man Standing online now via TV Fanatic to catch this emotional episode. 


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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Oh honey. I really don't think your father died to prank you.


I think the Egyptians had it right. When they died they were buried with all their crap.