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Vanessa's mother Bonnie comes for a visit. The strained mother and daughter relationship gets worse when Bonnie metes Ed.

Even though Vanessa initially thought Ed would be a suitable buffer between her and her mom, she gets jealous when Bonnie keeps ditching her to spend time with Ed.

When Vanessa spills that Bonnie believes she and Ed are in a relationship, Ed breaks things off with Bonnie. The breakup causes Bonnie to want to return home to Connecticut early.

After seeing how upset her mom is, Vanessa confronts Ed. He admits he is used to dating younger women, who only want him for his money. Vanessa thinks Ed should try having a deeper, meaningful relationship with a woman.

Vanessa finally has a heart to heart with her mom. Both ladies learn they have been jealous and feeling inferior to the other for no reason. They agree to spend time mending their relationship.

Ed attempts to reconcile with Bonnie, but she shuts him down to focus on fixing her relationship with Vanessa.

Mandy and Kyle give Ryan parenting advice after seeing him lecture Boyd about his math homework. Ryan challenges them to try and do better with Boyd.

After spending the day with Boyd, Mandy and Kyle work with him on his math homework. The young boy gets one over on them and convinces them to finish his homework.

Ryan and Kristin realize Mandy and Kyle did Boyd's homework. They tell the couple Boyd played them by convincing them he thought he was stupid. 

In the end, Kyle and Mandy learn parenting is not about being a friend but putting your foot down for the greater good of your child.


Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Vanessa: Wait! Where do you think you're going?
Mike: I go to work, make money, you buy flowers.
Vanessa: No, no wait! You can't leave my mother is going to be here any second.
Mike: Why didn't you say so? I will get my announcement trumpet and blow it right here in the foyer.
Vanessa: I need you to be my buffer. You know how my mother is.
Mike: I know you want me to say something bad about your mom. But honey, I literally like six people in the world and your mom is one of them.

Boyd: I'm stupid.
Kyle: Don't say that. Math was hard for me too, and nobody thinks that I am stupid.
Boyd: I try, but I just can't do it.
Kyle: You're a Baxter. You can do anything, even Vin Diesel impressions!
Mandy: Maybe we can help you.
Boyd: How am I supposed to remember tangent equals opposite over adjacent?
Kyle: What I used to do was come up with fun ways to remember things. So, if tangent equals opposite over adjacent, then T equals O over A, so TOA. Just remember tickle ostriches always.
Mandy: This is known as a moronic device.