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-When the island's water supply is drugged, everyone suffers from hallucinations. 

-Marcus takes a small crew to hide the sub while Sam tries to hold off a possible military attack on the island.  There's epi pens that would help have all been stolen and a fire breaks out while the crew is under the affects of the drug.

-On the island, two men in camoflauge try to blend in an take over the NATO station. They've been working with Julian who is upset when they put Sophie's life in danger.

-Sam and James work together and take out the rogue crew who drugged everyone. Turns out they told Julian to drug the water supply so that they could get the remaining Navy SEALS and then he'd have his island back.

-While under the drug, Sam kissed Sophie thinking she was Christine.

-On the sub, everyone suffers the effects of the drug and oxygen deprivation due to a fire. Most pass out. When Marcus wakes up, after hallucinating about his son as a child, he finds the oxygen back on, an epi pen in his leg and his nuclear launch key missing.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sam: I hadn't pegged you for an exotic fruit man COB.
Prosser: Don't ask. Don't tell.

Your dead already you arrogant son of a bitch you're just too stupid to fall down.