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-The Illinois gets too close to the line, Marcus shoots a warning torpedo in a show of strength to force them back.

-A special forces team is dropped on the island. Sam, Grace and a team head out to cut them off. Men loyal to Prosser plan to kill Grace in a friendly fire incident.

-The special forces team isn't American, but Russians looking to capture the sub. With the help of Navy SEAL James, the team stops them. Grace is shot by a Russian but survives.

-Back home government agents try threaten Christine to get her to ask Sam to surrender and turn over Marcus but she won't do it. They send her home with a supposed friend of Sam's who is actually working for them.

-Kylie learns that the government may take away her prototype.  She blackmails her friend Linus to find proof that the Illinois fired on the Colorado.  A day later Linus ends up in a coma but Kylie finds a slip of paper in his pocket with Order 998 written on it.

-Prosser accuses Chaplin of starting this entire incident because he's angry that his son was killed in action.  Sam tells Chaplin he knows that's not true.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

She never should have been wearing those stripes to begin with but you put her there and she killed one of my men.


People, we are now the popular girl at the dance.