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-A White House senior advisor gives Chaplin an ultimatum. Unconditionally surrender or his son's body will remain on ice in the morgue and not given a proper burial.

-With some of the crew falling apart, Chaplin makes a deal with the C.O.B. If he agrees not to sabotage the Captain he will be released and can aid in the search of their missing crew. Then he can testify against Chaplin at the court martial when all of this is over.  He agrees and is released.

-Chaplin meets with Julian. If the sub can get Julian's drug shipment past the embargo by dawn he will release the crewman.  The sub runs into difficulties when the Perseus prototype experiences problems. They avoid depth charges and make their way through a narrow underwater canyon.

-They don't make it back by the deadline and Julian kills Red.  Chaplin tells Sam they will take their revenge at a time and place of his choosing.

-James takes Tani to her home where he meets her family.  Her mom died because her father would only allow traditional medicine to be used. She was hoping to take her brother to Australia once he was of age but now he wants to stay.

-In D.C. the Admiral ask Kylie to get more information on order 998. When she tries, her father intercepts and has her prototype information stolen.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I never thought I'd see you put anything in front of your people, Joe. Least of all pride.


Don't tell me you're under arrest too. We're getting full up here.