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Ricardo Morales replaces Rex Winters as TJ’s partner. Connie Rubirosa from Law & Order becomes assistant to Deputy DA Dekker. 

The opening crime is a shocking home invasion that leaves an emasculated husband, Don Alvin, now a widower as his son and wife are murdered and the latter is raped as well.

The intruder has a very distinct MO that involves home invasion, undergarments, photographs, and eventually rape. Morales notices a connection in stereo equipment that links the victims.

Morales also connects the perpetrator’s skills in identity theft and general intelligence to Secret Service Agent Raymond Garson

Morales' scheme to have Raymond reveal the burial site of a female victim crosses a line of legality and causes the strongest piece of evidence to be thrown out.

Another victim is deterred from testifying due to the defense’s possession of explicit photographs taken with her ex-husband.

The success of the case is now heavily reliant upon the testimony of Don Alvin and the prowess of Dekker, who implores a familiar strategy to seal the deal.

Law & Order: Los Angeles
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