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Stabler is questioned by his boss and Bell about what happened. His boss thinks they got in a fight over a parking spot. He doesn't know if the attack was personal or not.

Wheatley talks to and about his octopus while the cops listen in. He seems to be using the octopus to threaten a mob guy he's working with.

The cops think Wheatley has his real conversations elsewhere.

Wheatley's bodyguard dunks the mob guy into the octopus tank. Martinez says they should call it in. Washburn doesn't want to blow the bug yet.

Bell wakes up. Her girlfriend (wife?) doesn't want her to go but she has to. She says that Stabler got beaten up but is okay. Then she goes.

Stabler has injuries on his hand.

One of Stabler's daughters comes to check on Eli. She's glad he's doing his school work. She doesn't think it's safe for Eli to be here and he should go to Maureen's.  Eli refuses. His daughter wants Elliot to take meds. He won't. She thinks it's cause he's not bipolar like her. He tells her if he takes meds they'll take his badge. She doesn't think it's like that anymore.

Bell informs Elliot that the DA is not too happy that they arrested all the patients. Anyway they are still investigating black market vaccines and will come after anyone involved.

Dana tells Wheatley that customers are spooked about the vaccine because of the recent bust. He tells her not to let him down. She says she's not Richie. Angie shows up and wants to know what's going on. She doesn't want Dana involved in Richard's business. He thinks he's taken good care of their children. She says it's that time of year.

The cops have discovered the bullet used to kill Sinatra came from a Virginia mobster. Bell and Stabler take a road trip. Stabler tells Bell that the guys who beat him up were after Eli. She says they have to get these guys. She's sure Elliot hates not being in the driver's seat. He denies it. She asks him what boxes she checks. She tells him he crossed a lot of lines back in the day but if she did that was the end of the task force and her career.

They arrive in Virginia. There is a dead woman shot in the head with a similar bullet.

There are servers going through Virginia because it's cheaper. Stabler asks the cop in Virginia about a suspect. Stabler gets a call.

Angie has taken some wine from Wheatley. He wants her to ask first. He doesn't like it when people take things from him. Angie takes two bottoles.

Bell says the victim was supposed to approve permits so Wheatley can build his own server. She tells Stabler about a UC she's witching over to Wheatley.

The guy from the beginning is a CI who tells them about the guard who tried to drown him.

Dana has an idea for Wheatley. Wheatley says give me a second. He is building his server and getting a tour of it. Wheatley gives Dana permission to do whatever she wants. Stabler walks into the shot and closes the server. Wheatley gets mad and throws his computer across the room.

Stabler tries to get a location but it is blocked and the tech says this is unusual.

Wheatley questions his guard about Stabler. He says nothing can connect him to any crimes.

Angie runs into Stabler and asks what happened to him. He says he was just looking out for his kid. She hopes Eli is okay and says she researched him. He asks where she called him from. She says the wine cellar was a Faraday box -- it blocks waves. She told him this because she's worried about Dana getting sucked into Richard's crimes. She thinks he should go to Dana's charity event -- giving away vaccines to poor people. She buys a bunch of groceries and says they're for Elliot (whose side is she on anyway?)

Richie talks to Gina who says she has a boyfriend already and that he is dangerous. He should come by tomorrow night.

The charity event begins. Angie tries to convince Dana not to speak. Dana won't listen.

Stabler shows up at the event as Richard speaks. He warns Angie to get Dana away or she'll b e arrested too.

Angie gets Dana off stage as the cops begin their operation. Stabler comes up to Wheatley. Bell accuses Wheatley of stealing vaccines. Lot numbers don't match the stolen vaccines. Bell asks about the permit. Wheatley says the mayor waived the waiting period. Wheatley says a round of applause for the police and offers them vaccines.

Stabler asks the guard if he's Israeli and takes his gun away.

Bell goes jogging with Gina and tells her about the wine cellar. She needs a bug. She'll worry about the warrant.

The cops want to follow their guy. Meanwhile, Gina meets Richie and says Joey could catch them. Richie has his boys too who will protect him.  He tries to kiss her. She goes.

They have got an ID on the guard. He is former IDF and is Wheatley's bodyguard. The gun matches the one used on Sinatra. Washburn is eager to get him but Stabler and Bell say they have to be careful so no one ends up dead.

Richie goes into a club and has a confrontation with Joey.  Gina watches the fight go down.

Later, Gina makes out with Joey while Richie watches from the side. The bodyguard shows up along with Wheatley who apologizes. Joey hopes he didn't hurt Richie too bad. He's looking forward to their meeting next week.

Gina comes running up and says Richie was defending her against Joey. Wheatley suggests Richie invite Gina to his birthday dinner. Wheatley watches them kiss.

Wheatley's guard says he's going for the night. Gina walks off and calls Bell.

Stabler wants to meet Gina. But that will never happen.

A bunch of cops go after the bodyguard. He tries to escape on the bike. Stabler cuts him off and makes him fall. He is arrested and claims they don't have anything on him.

Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Kathleen: You need help. Get on medication.
Stabler: I'm not taking any drugs.
Kathleen: Why? Cause you're not bipolar like me and Grandma?
Stabler: No. Cause in my job, if they think you need meds, they take your badge.
Kathleen: I'm sure it's not like that anymore.

Eli: It was just a fight over a parking space.
Kathleen: Are we supposed to believe that?
Eli: It doesn't matter what you believe. I'm not leaving Dad when he needs me.