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Bell can't hear well after the explosion. She asked what happened and gets a radio to report the explosion. There is a gunfight just then (who didn't see that coming?" Stabler fires the fatal shot.

Jett tells Stabler and Bell that Albi and Kosta didn't come out of the gym. There are at least 7 men inside, heavily armed.  Stabler is ready to go in to get the bad guys.

There is more shooting on the stairs. A tense moment until Bell answers Stabler's call to say she's okay. They all continue looking for Albi and Kosta. The place is a mess and there are dead bodies all over the place. In the office, nobody appears to be there. They find the court reporter's body and don't recognize her. Jett gets a picture and recognizes her as the court reporter. Bell wants a full workup on who this woman was. Sitll no sign of Albi and Kosta. Jett sees no sign of the two fugitives having left. Stabler insists Bell goes to the medic. Jett says Kosta and Albi were the last to enter.  Jett finds a storage space where the fugitives may be hidden. Stabler goes to check it out. It's a tunnel.  Stabler goes in alone against Jett's advice.

Stabler goes through the tunnel and finds blood but can't get ahold of Jett. Costa and Albi hear a noise and run away. Albi sends Kosta ahead of him and starts shooting at whoever is chasing him. Staber ducks back and doesn't get shot. Kosta makes it to an ambulance but insists on waiting for Kosta. The ambulance driver refuses to wait. Albi does some more shooting and them barriacdes the door once he gets out but his ride is gone. Stabler breaks through the door but has lost Albi. He gets ahold of Jett who has traced the ambulance. She says Bell is on her way.

Ambulance is taking Kosta to a boat. Kosta has his gun handy.

The ambulance is cornered and Kosta tries to run away on foot on the docks. Meanwhile they need an ambulance for the ambulance driver.

Kosta misses his boat and gets cornered by Stabler and Bell. He smirks instead of dropping his weapon. Kosta is impressed with Stabler being able to fool him as he is arrested.

Albi is hiding in a boat. He. breaks into a house using an American flagpole. He turns on a TV and watches the news about himself while eating a banana and putting his gun on the table. A kid shows up and asks who he is. Albi takes the kid hostage instead of killing him because the kid is Albanian. He calls Flutura. He has the flash drive but Kosta is caught. He wants to go away with Flutura. Flutura gets off the phone and finds Stabler at her house with Bell.

Stabler and Bell talk about how Flutura is ignoring him. She calls him Eddie and says it was fun having sex with Stabler. There is a car outside that Stabler calls in. The cops pull the car over.

Flutura sees Albi from the balcony but tells Stabler she doesn't know where she is. She tells Stabler she's not mad. She's hurt that he lied to her. She knows he drugged her that night. Stabler says he did a lot of things he wasn't proud of. He did what he had to do. Flutura feels like a fool for wanting him.  What happens to Eddie Wagner now? Did he have a family? Is he married? He claims it's just him. Flutura thinks that's a shame. She thinks he's going to miss the Albanian life. She could see he loved it. He asks again where Albi is.

Jett gets a tip from the 117 about a break-in. Albi left the kid unharmed and stole his car. Albi was outside then left. Flutura is arrested  and hopes Stabler doesn't forget her.

Jett has a read on Albi's car. Albi wants to escape to the Dominican Republic. His accomplice has Flutura's passport and hopes she isn't coming. Albi says Flutura has been arrested. His boyfriend doesn't want to be second choice. Albi tells him to shut up -- he doesn't need this stress right now.

Jett says Albi is headed to Liberty Marina. Stabler and Bell should be able to intercept.

Albi and his boyfriend run down the dock and chase some guy off a boat at gunpoint. Albi shoots at the cops and keeps running. Stbaler and Bell arrives. Albi and his boyfriend run past a party of girls dancing and hijack another boat. Te owner refuses to start the engine. Albi's bo friend is shocked by the violence when Albi knocks the owner out. Albi and his boyfriend cannot start the boat.

The cops catch up so Albi takes his boyfriend hostage. Stabler gets the partygoers out. Albi is shocked that Stabler is a cop. Albi won't drop the gun. Stabler tries to talk Albi down. Albi wants a helicopter and Flutura - did Stabler tell her? Stabler wants the feed cut. He tells Albi he made a promise and he never broke it. Nobody knows.

Meanwhile the cops are bringing Flutura to the hostage scene. She tries to get him to let the boy go. "Eddie" says that the hostage is just a partygoer. Albi lets the boyfriend go. Flutura hugs Albi. She tells Albi he saved her life and now she must save his. Albi drops his weapon and the cops arrest her and Albi both. Albi says he will be seeing Eddie again.

Stabler lies in bed remembering his life in the mob.  Kathleen knocks on the door and he pretends to be asleep.

Bell's wife asks if Stabler will be in court today. Bell says of course. She gets a call and it seems like bad news. She can't tell her wife what's going on.

Reggie and his mom are going to Witness Protection. Reggie is upset that they won't tell him where they're going. All of a sudden the cops show up and arrest Agnes.

The arraignment begins. Albi spits on the floor and is ignored. Agnes is brought in in a wheelchair. She looks at Stabler and calls him a traitor. She starts coughing and then somehow gets a gun and starts shooting.

Later, Bell asks Stabler if he's okay. Bell didn't expect Agnes to be the attempted killer. She tells Stabler to please get rid of that beard now that he's not undercover.

Nova has news that she's been made VP of the Marcy Corporation. She says Kilbride was at the meeting and said that he was cultivating a relationship with Bell.

Reggie is pumping gas for some old lady in a snowstorm somewhere.

Stabler stares in the mirror and starts shaving his beard. Eli comes in to say good night and that he's glad he's home. Stabler has more flashbacks as he shaves.


Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Stabler: You sure you're okay to drive?
Bell: If you ask me that one more time...

Stabler: I'm going in.
Jett: Alone? That's not a great idea.