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Bell and Brewster come to interrogate Reggie, who claims he has no idea why he's here. Brewster says Reggie is looking at life without parole but they are going to give him a chance to help himself. Brewster calls him an insignificant piece of crap. Reggie keeps laughing. Brewster leaves the room.

Later they have a board for Reggie to look at. They want to go over Kosta's activities. They want to know who the mastermind behind a drug deal was. They keep questioning Reggie and explain about the compromised phones and the texts they have intercepted. A text from Albi come through. Reggie says you don't mess with Albi trust me.  He is not interested in helping them turn on Kosta. Not even when Bell says he has little time and will see the value in cooperation soon. Stabler comes in.

Reggie jumps up and tries to attack Stabler. Stabler tells him to calm down. Reggie accuses him of betraying him. Stabler says he did what he had to do. He says at least he didn't sell him out like his family did. Reggie doesn't understand how Stabler could do this to him when he gave everything to him. Stabler tells Reggie about the trafficking the family is engaged in. Reggie insists it's not true. Stabler says he is Reggie's only chance at getting out of this. He meant it when he said he got his back, but the clock's ticking so Reggie has to make a decision. He leaves.

Lewis doesn't appreciate being locked up. Stabler says it's for his protection and he'd do the same for his real son.

Brewster wants Stabler to push harder. Stabler says they have one more card to play first.

Agnes is at a hospital somewhere. The nurse is surprised Reggie isn't there. She is here for a flu shot. Bell shows up at the exam room.

Kosta and Albi discuss the text Jett has sent as Reggie. Kosta is worried about Reggie being stupid again. He wants to get "Eddie" down here to find out where Reggie is.

Stabler testifies at a grand jury hearing. He explains how the KO has gone to the source so they can take over manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of cocaine. They are the most dangerous criminal organization NY has seen. They are responsible for a 30% uptick in murders.

Agnes is brought in to see Reggie. He tells her he won't let anything happen to them. Has she been taking her medication. She notices a wound on his hand. She suddenly slaps him in the face. Reggie says he's sorry.  He says no one did this to him. He did it to himself.

Stabler testifies as to how the KO smuggles drugs into the country.  All of a sudden Bell and her boss show up to talk to Stabler. Kosta wants to see him. Bell thinks that's dangerous. They can hold the grand jury but not forever. Stabler rushes off.

Time is up for Agnes' visit. Bell talks to her about how Reggie is in a lot of trouble unless he turns on the family. Reggie says if he goes away for a long time he can't help her anymore. Brewster offers them witness protection.

"Eddie" shows up and says he is looking for Reggie. Flutura says she doesn't keep tabs on Reggie. Albi calls Stabler in.

Stabler claims he was setting a fire and Reggie was supposed to be with him but never showed up. Kosta looks skeptical. Stabler claims that he texted Reggie and was helping a guy named Maldenaro. Kosta insists on calling him. It works out. Kosta says they have to get to Reggie before the cops do. Albi wants Eddie to keep trying to get in touch with Reggie. Albi wants Stabler to murder Reggie.

Stabler plays the recording for Reggie of what Albi told him. He says hello to Agnes and asks her to come in. He tells her what Albi said. Reggie tells his mother he is sorry. He tells Agnes she can't talk to Albi. Reggie feels he has no choice but to testify or he'll be dead and can't help her out. But he leaves it up to her.  Agnes wants to know if she has to testify. Stabler says that's up to her but it will help more. She can give a statement in private.

Reggie testifies at the grand jury. He was born into the family. The jury wants to know if he ever got a direct order from Kosta.

A DA comes to talk to Agnes. She is allowed to write her statement because of her disability.

ADA Anne is worried that Reggie has not given them Kosta.

Agnes spills her coffee so the ADA leaves. Agnes gives the other woman a note offering her 50K to make her troubles go away.

Bell's boss is putting her back in charge of OC and Brewster is taking his place as her boss.

The transcriptionist goes to Besa looking for Albi. He calls her in. She has a message for him to give to him privately. Albi says he doesn't take private messages from strangers. She tells him it's from Agnes and he changes his mind.

Kosta comes in. The transcriptionist offers a message. It betrays Reggie and Agnes. Kosta thanks her for her help and tells her she can go. Albi gives her a bag of bills and tells her not to tell anyone about this. Then shoots her in the back. Kosta tells the crew to just get her out of the way as they have no time.

Bell talks to Nova who says Kilbride doesn't know she's a cop. Bell says she was there for a personal reason. She is upset to hear that the woman Bell was with was Bell's wife. Bell wants to keep things between them. She tells her Brewster is leaving and she is hoping to be her sergeant.

The team interviews Ross who said he fell for Flutura. Kosta would give him names of men who seemed vulnerable to extortion and invite them. He had to keep detailed accounts of who liked which girls.

Stabler says goodbye to Lewis and wishes him good luck.

Jett testifies about the texts she intercepts. Bell testifies about the trafficking auction. Stabler talks about the code the KO lives by of loyalty.

The cops find Ross dead in his cell.

The grand jury has decided to indict Kosta and Briscoe considering Ross' death!

There are 20 cop cars guarding Reggie and Agnes' hotel room. He tells his mother he's sorry he made her break Besa. She said I didn't.

The cops raid a bunch of mob owned places. A woman says Kosta isn't here but Luka is there and is arrested. But Kosta and Albi have disappeared. Jett has found them in a warehouse or something. Lewis suddenly shows up and the warehouse explodes.

Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Reggie: Like I want to talk to you, the guy who betrayed me. You're my ride or die Reg. No. You're a cop.
Stabler: At least I didn't sell you out like your family did.

Bell: Hey. What's your plan?
Stabler: Fly by the seat of my pants and try not to do anything stupid.