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Wheatley is escorted to court where he changes into a suit. The news people are announcing that he is facing the judge for final sentencing now.

Wheatley has made a deal and now the charges have been dismissed. He's making plans to be a force for good. However, he is going to Rikers to await trial on a murder charge.

Another criminal enterprise is trying to move some drugs and gets stopped by some cops who want to inspect a container.  The cops inspect and a guy on the motorcycle is passed a case while the bad guys fight with the cops. More cops arrive and make some arrests. One of the bad guys appears to be Stabler, sporting a beard.

Bell says that nobody was supposed to be arrested. This operation was underway for two and a half months.  But apparently a narcotics task force was involved and wasn't coordinated.  Brewster turns out to be Bell's old CO. The brass wants to know if this operation is getting anywhere. How many more dead bodies do we need to tolerate? Bell says that her UC is making progress.

A mob guy rants to Stabler that he had the cops in his pocket and this was funky. Stabler is taken out of the cell and mob guy says "Eddie" is a good guy who he trusts.

Bell talks to Stabler who updates her on what Reggie said. Bell worries about Stabler's safety. A woman tells Bell and Stabler that all the mobsters will be released. No drug vouchers found, scuffle doesn't matter.

Stabler tries to calm Reggie down on the street the next day. Reggie tells him not to look the boss in the eye, never contradict him, and never make a promise you can't keep.

Albi is watching his guys bo. He wants to know what happened. He has a boxer beat up Reggie. Stabler starts coaching Reggie. Albi wants to know who Stabler is. Stabler promises to get the money back. Albi threatens him if he doesn't do it in 48 hours.

Stabler goes to the office and talks to Jett and Bell. Jett has info about the cops that they dealt with. They find a former cop, Campbell, who might be working for a rival gang.

Bell and Jett talk to Bo's ex and demand to know where he is.

Stabler accompnies Reggie to his home for dinner. The woman seems not to trust Stabler. She can hear fine but can't talk because she was shot in the head. Reggie's phone rings.

Stabler wants to wait for Reggie but the woman insists he drink her tea now. Reggie returns as she is reading the grounds. Reggie explains what she is doing. She whispers to Reggie who says the woman wants to know why Stabler doesn't tell the person he loves how he feels. Reggie says they gotta go and tells his mom that Eddie doesn't like to talk about stuff like that. They leave.

Reggie and Stabler attack a cop and demand to know info about Campbell. They take the guy's keys. Turns out the guy is also working with Belle.

Bell is babysitting Angela who is doing a crossword puzzle. She is feeling a bit better. She can walk a little. She wonders who Bell was talking to. Bell says only it wasn't Stabler. She asks whether Angela will be able to testify at Wheatley's trial for Kathy's murder. Angela doesn't seem to know what she's talking about.

Stabler and Reggie attack Campbell who insists he doesn't know anything about the missing drugs but then describes a Black guy named Redbull. They beat Campbell up anyway.

Stabler meets Eli on a corner. Eli can't come to dinner. He's going to dinner with Brett and has made the soccer team. He misses him but doesn't want Stabler to feel guilty. The guys are waiting for him so he goes.

Stabler meets Bell at the duck pond. Campbell is in custody in the hospital. She hopes he talked before Stabler beat him up. She knows who Redbull is.

A woman seems to be involved with some pregnant woman. Reggie and Stabler grab the pregnant woman at gunpoint and demand their coke back. The girl gives it to him. A guy comes back and wants to know what's going on.

Reggie returns the coke to Albi, who tests it to see if it's real. He wants to know where he got it. Reggie tells him Mercy Killers. Albi says this is our coke. Reggie asks what he wants him to do? Albi wants him to paint the streets red.

The girl goes to see a guy in jail (the same one that hooked up with Richie Wheatley?) and issue a warning.

The jailed gang member calls someone with a secret phone who is dining with the Congressman and says they have a problem.

The guy on the outside talks to the Mercy Killers. The boy takes responsibility.

Bell's wife says she got a call from the Congressman (really Red Bull) who is following the lawsuit and wants to meet them. She insists the Congress man is one of the good ones. Bell doesn't want to be used as a pawn. Stabler calls in and informs her the Albanians are going to war.

Bell and Brewster argue about how to handle the coming gang war. The brass sides with Bell and demands she and Brewster work together in a join task force. They will be co-commanders (yeah that'll work well)

Brewster and Bell take charge as the cops try to stop the Albanians from going to war with the Mercy Killers.  Albi gets a call and everyone pulls over. Albi is calling it off. A million cars turn around.

At a wedding party, Costa won't explain to Albi why the mission was called off and wants to know who Stabler is. Reggie says this is his boy Eddie and goes to get a drink from him. Costa wants a drink.

The Mercy Killers show up at the party. They go inside. So does Costa. The Mercy Killers leader says he will give him the last brick of coke if things go well. He says it was sotlen by a rogue member of the crew. THe boy tries to apologize. Costa threatens to shoot the boy and girl. Stabler is watching from outside. Costa puts his gun away and says he will hear them out. The Mercy Killer leader isn't looking for war. He wants to work together. Costa fist bumps him. The Mercy Killers leave and Costa is ready for his drink.  He is impressed that the drink is called the Godfather. However he does not trust Stabler.

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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Tell Vince I'm making plans. Tell him I plan to do more good than anyone ever thought possible. Tell him I'll be the enemy of every organized criminal out there.


Stabler: I'll tell you, we're not dealing with just four yahoos. This was well organized.
Bell: So what does this mean for you?
Stabler: The Albanians are paranoid.
Bell: Which makes it more dangerous for you.