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Whalen insists on a surprise party for Jet making second detective.

Thurman can't make it as he has to talk to some politicians. The rest of the crew surprises Jet who wants them to put the camera away. Thurman wants to congratulate her on the phone but gunshots ring out in the middle of his sentence.

At the scene, Thurman says his friends are depending on Bell. Lee's team is not talking. Reyes says a Daniel Yao left right after the shooting. A Detective Chang says that the cameras are dummies. Also she says it's her case in Chinatown.

A bunch of reporters bother Stabler when he comes to see Lee. Lee's suspicious of him. He does tell Stabler he figured the threats were standard, though he did report them to Captain Lin in the 4th precinct. He says he was terrified of the gangs in Chinatown growing up and that's why he took them on as a politician. He doesn't want a security detail as he and Jennifer wanted to take the gangs on without cops. Stabler says he lost his wife under similar circumstances so he does understand and anyway his job is to make sure Lee is safe.

The Ledger is reporting on the shooting.

Anyway, Chinatown has 20+ gangs in operation. The major players are Black Tiger, Snake Heads, and one other. The community is closed so this will be tough. However, Bell wants them to canvass the neighborhood.

No one will talk to the cops.

The cops go to see Captain Lin. He says Steven has had a target on his back since he decided to run and that they shouldn't assume they know how things work here.

The cops ask a guy if he knows Daniel Yao. He runs away. After a chase he is caught.

Yao claims not to know anything and says it's dangerous for people in his neighborhood to talk. Bell gets him to talk. Chang shows up and says she can give them info about Daniel, especially that he's lying.

Chang says that she and her wife worked with Daniel and Jung in a basketball clinic. Jung is now her CI and was with her at the time of the shooting. Bell apologizes to Chang for getting off on the wrong foot.  Chang says the clinic outlasted her marriage.

After being let go, Daniel goes to a gambling room and says he needs to see "the man" about the shooting.

Daniel tells the gang leader he proved his loyalty today by saying the Dora Street Gang shot Jennifer. The boss is not impressed and says the cops would never come after him as he wasn't there. He shows him a dragonfish that brings prosperity and good fortune. Can a fish really do that?  He tells Daniel to make things happen himself. He throws him to the ground and says he should have checked with him first. He tells one of his right-hand men not to let Danel out of his sight.

Reyes sends Jet a photo. It's a high-ranking official in the Black Tiger Street Gang.

Stabler talks to Stephen's campaign manager who didn't tell him he was replacing his security. Stephen tells Stabler that Michael is his biggest campaign donor.  He also tells Stabler his wife is out of surgery and its touch and go.

Jet and Reyes do surveillance. He sees that Uzar is with Daniel and is looking right at him. They pass. He says Daniel is too scared to talk.

Uzar tells the rival gang leader they all have to stick together. The other guy says they didn't take that shot and whoever did missed. He wants Danel. Daniel screams for help and the cops run after the gangsters who run away. Uzar and Daniel are arrested.

Stabler questions Uzar who talks to Chang in Chinese. He wants to talk to her, not Stabler. She says he's doing a bad job of flirting. Uzar says Daniel didn't tell him how to exit the place -- can he go. STabler says no so Uzar asks for his lawyer.

Bell says Chang has someone for them to meet. It's a girl, Lili, who was trafficked by Uzar and kicked her out when she became pregnant. Jennifer Lee saved her. She says Jennifer helps everyone. Bell and Stabler realize Jennifer was the target all along.

Stephen doesn't believe that. Everyone loves his wife. She was doing G-d's work.  Stephen says he can't do this anymore. He wants to drop out of the race.

Chang and Stabler talk to Jennifer's co-worker who says that Jennifer is the heart and soul of this place. She doesn't see why anyone would kill Jennifer. Threats are normal around here. However, one of the former residents had a falling out with Jennifer.

Jet can't find any records for Mei Shin. They realize she's in debt to the gang and will never be able to pay it back.

Stabler comes to talk to Stephen at the hospital. Stephen says he's trying to find the right words to make an announcement. Stabler asks him about Mei Shin. Stephen says Jennifer said Mei was in trouble and forced to leave. However, she didn't get into specifics or betray Mei's confidence. Stephen gets Mei's address from Jennifer's phone. The cops find Mei's body.

Balllistics match the other shooting. Jet says she will et a list of the bank's clients. Also LIn decides to rai Uzar's casino.He finds a gun.

Thurman thanks Lin. Bell shows up and says she was supposed to be looped in. Uzar's prints are on the gun and Thurman says it's a win for all of them. Stabler says Uzar was in jail when Mei was shot. Thurman insists this is done. He wants to acknowledge them. Bell and Stabler don't buy this.

Jennifer has woken up and thanks Bell and Stabler. Stephen says they will find new ways to serve their community. Stabler and Bell ell Jennifer that Mei was also shot and that they hope she can help them. Stephen says this isn't a good time. Jennifer disagrees.  Jennifer says Mei didn't want to put anyone in danger and wouldn't stay. Michael was supposed to get her safe housing.

Michael speaks at the press conference, saying Stephen has withdrawn so he will run instead.  Stabler's phone rings. It's Jet. She says an LLC implicated in human trafficking contributed to Stephen's campaign and Michael was on the board of directors. Stabler tells Bell. They think Michael had Jennifer shot.

Stabler asked to talk to Michael. He says they both know Michael was responsible for the shooting and he promises he will go down for it.

Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Bell: DI Thurman was here when the shooting happened. He called us in. This is an Organized Crime case.
Chang: And this is Chinatown, Sergeant. Things work a little differently here.

Whalen: You remember what you did when you made second detective?
Reyes: Yeah. My wife was eight months pregnant with my kid and we had spaghetti and fell asleep on the couch.