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At the bar again. Jet is with Seamus, who says she's not who she says she is. Stabler and Bell watch nervously.

Cut to Bell saying Jet has to keep her emotions in check to be successful.

Seamus guesses Jet is an artist.  He surprises her with a necklace and says this is who I am.

Cut to Stabler saying Jet only has to distract Seamus till the cops show up.

Seamus gets into it with some rival gang members (really CIs) who keep calling him a donkey. A fisfight ensues and Seamus tells Jet he has to go and will make this  up to her. Jet is upset.

Stabler and the DA look at the footage. Stabler thanks her for her help and she reassures him she will call in a favor when needed. He says it has already worked out with Murphy.

Murphy knocks on t he bar door and complains about the cold. He comes in and tells his dog to stay. He says the dog does what he tells him and he expects his crew to do the same.

Stabler asks Murphy where he was last night when the rival gang came in. Murphy wants 50% of the house. Stabler offers 10,20, 25. He wants Murphy to show the neighborhood who is in charge. Murphy wants the cameras gone and the names and socials of everyone who works here. He wants Stabler to figure out where to find him and bring it to him personally.

Jet says she can make backgrounds. Stabler wants Jet to reach out to Seamus. He says he can't go to the bar tonight and won't tell her where he is. She gets him to agree to stop shutting her out and he says he'll pick her up at 8.

Bell takes photos and she and Stabler listen in on Seamus and Jet in a car. He wants to take her to Santa Fe, get her a studio so she can paint. He wonders why Muprhy is here.

Jet notices Murphy's ring. It's a police academy ring. Stabler tells Bell to be patient. A helicopter passes overhead and Murphy tells Seamus next time leave your girlfriend at home. Bell wonders who the helicopter guy is.

He is an Irish boxing champ. Murphy wants to use him to settle the dispute with the rival gang.

Seamus calls Jet. She walks off. Stabler wants Bell to ask Thurman for backup. Whalen suggests they try to get Murphy to mke a drug deal.

Jet says Seamus will pick her up at six. Bell asks her about the ring and says she wants Jet to stay focused.

Bell goes to Thurman and says the ring proves her instincts were right. Thurman is worried about her judgment. She asks for extra bodies. He refuses and says IAB is investigating her. He says he went to them and didn't understand why she turned down this job.

The CI doesn't want to buy drugs from Murphy but Reyes says he's the only one who can.

Seamus won't tell Jet what he does for a living. She tells him to stop the car and says she can't do this anymore. Shhe runs away. He runs after her and she says she knows what he does and knows who Murphy is. She wants the truth, so this can be what they want it to be. He says then he doesn't want her to leave. He's scared she won't respect him.

Jet says Murphy put a contract on a rival gang member. She is sure because of how Seamus has been acting. She says Seamus doesn't want to do any od this.

The CI has backed out. Murphy shows up and Stabler has to be submissive to him. He leaves and Stabler says to set up a buy with Teddy.

Jet goes to see Seamus and says he has ghosted her, so he is alive. He claims he has work he needs to do. She asks if he has to kill someone. He says she doesn't understand. He has to pay a debt and has no choice but to kill for Murphy. She tries to convince him to go to Santa Fe with her instead. He tells her she has to go. She kisses him instead.

Bell wants to see Jet when she returns. She says she is giving her one chance to explain herself. She has photos of the kiss. Jet is pissed. Bell says she was supposed to find out about the hit, that's all, and claims the case is ruined. Jet says Stabler has done worse than this. Bell says they are not talking about Stabler. Jet says Bell doesn't believe she is ready and needs to show respect. She says she is not falling for him. Bell says then why are you wearing his necklace? She's taking her off the case.

Teddy talks to Murphy about making up the opportunity to sell product.  Murphy is skeptical. He asks for 80%. Teddy says no. Murphy says good, if he said yes he'd assume he was working with the cops. Teddy scoffs and says 50-50. Murphy says if he finds out Teddy is up to anything... Teddy walks off nervous.

Jet declines Seamus' call and looks angry. She accuses Reyes of taking the photos. He says he had to. She walks away from his attempt to talk to her. HE says Bell has a job to do. Jet has to prove she isn't a threat to Bell's job.

Jet shows up at Bell's seemingly drunk. She says she fell for Seamus and he is so wonderful. She says Seamus sees her for who she really is. Does Bell see her right now? Bell says she sees she is drunk. Jet reveals she was faking. She came here to show her she is a good actress. She made a tactical mistake. She wanted Bell to be proud of her. Bell says Murphy killed her partner.Jet asks her for one more chance.

Everything is set up for Murphy's fight event at the bar. They haven't heard from Jet yet. Vincent Morello shows up.

The fight begins and Teddy shows up and says he has the money. Jet shows up with Seamus. A guy shows up with a gun and shoots at Muprhy. Seamus drags Jet away and says she has to get in the car before she gets killed. He says this is the guy he was supposed to kill. As he tries to pull her into the car, her wig comes off. She pulls her gun on him and tells him to get down. He can't believe she's a cop. He says he was falling for her. Was she falling for him? He attacks her and knocks her out, then throws her in the trunk.


Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Seamus: I had a thought last night about you.
Jet: Oh yeah?
Seamus: Yeah. You're not who you say you are. You're hiding something from me.

Jack! Stay. He's like a statue. Jack always does what I tell him. I expect the same of my crew.