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A string of hate crimes against gay men gets personal for Detective Tutuola when his son's fiance, Alejandro, is nearly beaten to death. The assailants are apprehended while Alejandro remains in the hospital in critical condition. However, a similar assault on math teacher leads the detectives to investigate allegations of sexual assault at a local private high school. The teacher is accused of propositioning and exposing himself to a male student, Luca, and the boy's father admits to assaulting the teacher. The investigation reveals that Luca lied about his assault, and he then accuses the school's headmistress, Mrs. Parsons. Luca's allegations prove false again when Mrs. Parsons reveals that he was having an affair with her close friend and fellow schoolteacher, Natalie. With no proof and an unreliable victim, the DA decides not to pursue charges. Luca then kills Natalie and threatens to take his own life when she refuses to run away with him.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 21 Quotes

Rollins: Her life would have been a whole lot easier if she'd come out.
Fin: I don't know. Ken and Alejandro are out and look where it got them.

Natalie abused Luca but because she's a beautiful woman, instead of getting help, he's going to be getting high-fives