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A tight-knit Romani community resists the SVU's investigation into the disappearance of Nico Gray, a Romani boy who went missing on his way home from school. His parents believe their son is alive when they notice that someone has been deleting his voicemails. Unfortunately, a reporter for The Ledger was actually the person using his computer to hack Nico's phone; in exchange for a deal with the ADA, the reporter offers up information he received from hacking the phone of the Rom-Baro, a representative of the Romani King.

This information leads them to a mentally-challenged boy named Mark who lives across the street from the Grays. Mark appears to be hiding something, and some of Nico's schoolmates, Emma and Courtney, tell the detectives that Mark has been getting out of the house without his mother knowing. Detectives find the Nico's lucky rabbit's foot under Mark's bed and, eventually, discover Nico's cigarette-burned body at a construction site.

However, the investigate takes a different turn when information about Nico's burns is leaked to his mother and the detectives suspect Emma and Courtney of knowing too much about the crime. Mark admits that the girls came into his room and hid the rabbit's foot, and Emma confesses that they were just teasing Nico when Courtney killed him to keep him from telling anyone.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 9 Quotes

You're in trouble; your partner's pretty and smart.

Brooklyn Detective Dumas

So you're not a scumbag trying to scoop the competition on a milk carton case. You are one of the good guys.