Law & Order: SVU Season 14

"Her Negotiation"

On the 14th season finale of Law & Order: SVU, Benson's life is on the line when a routine arrests turns deadly.

"Brief Interlude"

When a woman turns up unconscious near the mayor's home, detectives figure out that she wasn't the ordinary mom she first appeared to be on Law & Order: SVU.

"Poisoned Motive"

On old case of Fin's may have links to a sniper targeting the NYPD on Law & Order: SVU.

"Traumatic Wound"

Eyewitness give conflicting information about a girl being raped at a concert on Law & Order: SVU.

"Girl Dishonored"

When a young woman pledging a sorority is raped, the investigation is hampered by the college community on Law & Order: SVU.

"Born Psychopath"

A mother and the authorities must decide how to deal with a nine year old boy whose violent behavior continues to get worse on Law & Order: SVU.

"Legitimate Rape"

A sports reporter finds out she's pregnant after accusing a cameraman of raping her. During the trial the defense uses some questionable methods on Law & Order: SVU.

"Undercover Blue"

Cassidy is accused of raping a woman while undercover on Law & Order: SVU.

"Funny Valentine"

A popular singer refuses to help police after her famous boyfriend assaults her on Law & Order: SVU.

"Deadly Ambition"

Internal Affairs checks into Rollins when she acts to help her battered and pregnant sister on Law & Order: SVU.

"Secrets Exhumed "

Benson and Amaro aren't convinced when an FBI agent thinks a cold case is linked to other cases across the country on Law & Order: SVU.

"Monster's Legacy"

When Benson finds out that a death-row inmate was the victim of a sexual predator she asks Ellis to reopen the case. Mike Tyson guest stars on Law & Order: SVU.

"Criminal Hatred"

The ADA must go up against a deceptive defense attorney while trying to prosecute a savage murder case on Law & Order: SVU.

"Beautiful Frame"

Two suspects are being tried in separate trials for the same murder on Law & Order SVU.

"Presumed Guilty"

On Law & Order: SVU Fin looks for evidence to clear his former brother-in-law who is accused of assaulted a priest just before Christmas.

"Dreams Deferred"

When a man goes on a killing rampage, the detectives work with the FBI and a prostitute from an old case as they try to stop him.

"Lessons Learned"

The detectives' efforts to investigate sexual abuse at a private school are hampered by school officials on Law & Order: SVU.

"Vanity's Bonfire"

On Law & Order: SVU, a woman claims to have snatched her own baby and that a powerful person got her pregnant.

"Friending Emily"

On Law & Order: SVU, an abductor with impressive computer skills covers his tracks after a girl goes missing when she follows her sister to a college party.

"Manhattan Vigil"

On Law & Order: SVU, Benson tries to make amends for past errors when a boy's abduction reminds the squad of an unsolved abduction case from 13 years ago.

"Acceptable Loss"

On Law & Order: SVU, Benson looks for alternative when Eames wants the team to back off a sex trafficking ring when it conflicts with a terrorism investigation.

"Twenty-five Acts"

ON Law & Order: SVU, the detectives try to get an S-and-M author to press charges when a TV host sexually assaults her.

"Above Suspicion"

On Law & Order: SVU, Cassidy continues to work deep cover in a prostitution ring while the squad is under pressure after Cragen's arrest.

"Lost Reputation"

On Law & Order SVU's 14th season premiere, the squad gets a strict new Captain when Cragen is arrested for a prostitutes murder.

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