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In a special crossover episode with Chicago PD, Police from Chicago work with the squad to track a child-pornography victim.

Lindsay continues to blame herself for the disappearance of little Teddy, even though she was only fifteen when the tragedy occurred. Working alongside Benson, Fin, and the rest of the squad, her and Voight pursue the missing boy. 

Rollins and Austin check the youth center for troubled children where Teddy was last known to attend before his disappearance. They meet a friend of Teddy's, a fourteen year old prostitute turned teacher in training, and learn more about his location. 

Teddy is found at the pier, where Jocelyn said he would be, and he claims that he isn't the same person that he used to be. He is brought into the station and is initially reluctant to speak. 

Benson and Lindsay try their best to inform Teddy about the current case, and tell him that it's not too late to help. They reveal to him that the same men who abused Teddy are now doing the same to little boys such as Henry. 

Jocelyn's correct knowledge about Teddy being at the pier leads Rollins and Amaro back to her for more questioning. They inform her that when Teddy was thirteen he was a victim of a sex trafficking rape. That startles Jocelyn and she attempts to flee. 

Teddy's tattoo gives away his identify as part of a rape video featuring Jocelyn from when she was underage. Teddy finally breaks down and reveals that he volunteered to be the one who raped Jocelyn to spare her from the older, worse, men. Benson and Lindsay try to get him to understand that they know he was drugged and coerced into all his actions. 

Amaro and Rollins question the suspect, the security guard George, while Fin pursues Henry's location. 

Sergeant Voight, from Chicago, enters to play bad cop, but takes his actions too far by getting overtly physical with George. 

Benson and Voight clash heads as the clock continues to run on Henry's fate, and the live stream of the proceedings upset the entire team. 

They scramble to locate Henry as the various tactics collide. 

George admits that he thought that the kids were being hired as actors. Not that they were being raped and harmed. 

Jocelyn is hesitant to speak to the police again, so Benson and Voight go undercover as Henry's parents in order to ascertain more assistance from her. Their desperate pleas drive her to confess the rest of her knowledge about where she was held, and she comes in to the station for question.

She is upset at encountering Teddy once again. She claims to not be able to remember anything, but Teddy draws on all the dark memories of their past and apologizes for his actions. 

Jocelyn takes a look at the room Henry's in and recognizes the location. She recalls that the men had to drive across a bridge to get to the area. 

The squad storms into the building just in time to prevent Henry's fate. 

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