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Benson and Rollins catch up on Rollins time away from the office. Rollins says it was relaxing and therapeutic. 

A girl, clearly drugged, finds her way into a bathroom to try and recoup. As Rollins and Benson leave their restaurant they notice a commotion outside a store. It's the girl and the guy who was trying to get her to leave the bathroom so that other customers could use it. 

She shouts that he raped her, and Benson has to apprehend him as Rollins comforts the girl. 

Jerome has a prior case that was thrown out of court due to some mistakes - and he's currently in the process of suing the state. Amaro and Caresi are told to go easy on him. 

Mr. Davis, Luke, the father of the victim, has his brother in law come by. His brother in law, Neil, is a dentist that Jenna was last seen at before the incident occurred. 

The department has to let Jerome go due to the pending lawsuit with the Prospect Park Three. Luke and Neil are less than pleased. 

It turns out that Luke tried to get a confession out of Jerome by tying him to a chair and threatening him with a nail gun. By the time SVU shows up, Luke had already killed Jerome. 

It turns out that Jerome may have had a heart attack from the emotional duress. Barba is in charge of prosecuting Luke. 

Jenna soon realizes and remembers that it was her own Uncle that raped her. 

Neil denies doing so and threatens to sue just like Jerome. Neil has a bunch of excuses and explanations for the available evidence. He says he had sex with his wife in his office, which is why there was his semen on Jenna, and claims that his niece was on meds and mixed them with alcohol so she was confused. 

Jenna has been convinced by Neil and her mom, and her new therapist, to retract her accusation.

The team tries to decide what to do next. 

When the news is leaked, many other victims step forward. Over the last twenty years, it appears as if Neil has targeted multiple victims -- a majority of them children of families he's friends with. 

The team gets Jenna to agree to try and get a confession out of Neil. Jenna and Neil meet in a coffee shop where Fin watches undercover. Jenna is rigged with a cam ready to capture the impending confession. 

Neil appears to be too smart to fall victim to this plan, but as Jenna raises her voice and almost causes a scene, he becomes more flustered. Jenna claims that she might be pregnant, to which Neil makes his first mistake and says that that can't be possible because he's had a vasectomy. 

Fin and the team use that to immediately place him under arrest. 

Caresi, like the rest of the team, is furious at Neil and his actions. They wonder how the Davis family can ever start over. 

Barba breaks the news to Jerome's family that Luke may get a deal seeing as how he didn't intend to cause Jerome's death, and that he was coerced by his brother in law, Neil, who was the actual culprit in the rape. 


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 13 Quotes

Rollins: This guy rapes a 16 year old virgin on the bathroom floor of a pizzeria -
Benson: Welcome back to SVU.

Rollins: The yogi comes over and taps me on the shoulder, I didn't even tense up.
Benson: Good for you.