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Rollins and a young girl who is apparently still in the Academy go undercover to catch Teddy Hawkins, a sports star who is believed to be involved in child pornography. He has the girl, who is posing as Rollins' 16 year old niece, take a bunch of photos and asks her to take off her top and bra. When he asks her to get on her knees he is arrested for attempted rape.

Hawkins claims they have no case but when they won't budge on the charges, he makes a deal in which he offers some people who are involved in child porn.

The cops raid two houses and arrest two people. The third person does not appear to be engaging in child porn tonight. Rollins and Carisi want to give up as it is 1 AM and cold and Benson okays it, but just then the suspect goes online. Rollins and Carisi raid the location, but it belongs to an old man with a cane who does not know what a computer is. They find he is using a modem installed by a neighbor to access his cable television.

The neighbor turns out to be Pippa Abraham -- the deputy commissioner's wife, who works as an advocate for abused children. She and her two young kids are still up for some reason. The cops come in and find the d.c., Hank Abraham, accessing child porn. He claims he clicked on a site by accident.

Hank expects this to go away but Benson wants to arrest him. Tucker agrees but wants everything by the book and kept quiet. No cuffs in front of his family and no press access. Abraham is arrested and tells his wife and kids he must leave on police business. His daughter is upset.

After the arrest, Benson tells Pippa to take the kids to a hotel as they must search the apartment. The search turns up flash drives full of porn.

Hank is still claiming it was an accident/misunderstanding but Tucker says he accessed the sites multiple times. Hank thinks he is being set up by political enemies. 

Benson tells Pippa they must interview the children to make sure they are not being abused. Rollins interviews the little girl, Leah, who says Daddy did something she didn't like: he fell asleep when he was supposed to read her a story. Carisi interviews the older child, a boy named Jordan who says Dad does something he doesn't like: he works too much.

Benson tries to protect Pippa from the press. Pippa lashes out at her. She was put on leave from her job because of Hank's charges and she wants to know who put Benson up to setting him up. When Benson insists that is not what happened it finally clicks that Hank is actually guilty and Pippa falls apart.

Hank wants to cut a deal. He wants to go to rehab instead of jail. Barba says it's not that simple as these are federal crimes. If he doesn't plead to state charges, the feds will take over and Hank will serve 20 years. He advises him to take a plea and spare his family additional pain. Hank is angry and insists he is being set up. He tells both Barba and his lawyer to leave.

Pippa goes out to lunch with Benson. She looks terrible and is depressed. Her parents want her to change the kids' last name and blame her for not realizing what her husband did. Benson tries to reassure her that it is not her fault but says nothing will change until Hank accepts what has happened.

Benson and Barba meet. Barba is worried that Hank will face federal charges. Benson does not feel sorry for child porn perps. Barba gets a phone call that Hank tried to slash his wrists.

At the hospital, Pippa says that if she hadn't happened to stop by the apartment, Hank would have died. 

In court, Hank pleads guilty and gets a sentence of 4 years concurrent for each crime in protective custody and at least 20 years on the sex offender registry. Pippa tells Benson he is still her husband and father of her children.

Meanwhile, Mike tells Dodds Senior he wants to stay at SVU and Dodds Senior thinks he is throwing away an opportunity. Benson and Tucker go for a nightcap somewhere.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 15 Quotes

Why don't you get on your knees, little girl?


Teddy: Can you take that top off?
Rollins: If that's what Teddy wants.