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A manhunt begins. State troopers and FBI have been alerted. Barba is freaking out. Rollins wants to inform Yeats. The photo is missing also. If she was using the photo for blackmail, Yeats helped her.

Yeats wants to know if Susie was pregnant when he was arrested. It's possible he was going to be a father.

Sonny has found four accounts Rudnick was using, but they link to PO Boxes. However there is a Theresa Fish who very well may be Rudnick that they find in the system.

Sonny is concerned about Rollins but she says she's fine.

The landlord tells them that "Terry" is mute and deaf. She lets them into the apartment. It is empty. There's a brand new floor in the kitchen.

There's red hair and cutting marks under the new floor.

Warner checked a Jane Doe autopsy Rudnick did. It was Theresa Fish. Benson encourages Warner to reapply for the promotion Rudnick had gotten. First Warner will rerun every autopsy Rudnick did.

Rollins cuts the new floor and finds dried blood.

In Syracuse, Rudnick was caught shoplifting but was let go when he cried that his mother was dying. The cops there didn't check the buses and there's one going to Canada from Rochester.

They think Rudnick is on the bus. He is dressed as a woman and claims to be Ellie Howard. He gives Rollins his purse when he is arrested.

Warner says the latest victim was dismembered post-mortem. Suzie was definitely pregnant.

Rudnick says it's the court's fault he ran since they let him go.

Rudnick's car is found near JFK. There's traces of blood in the car.

Rudnick thinks Sonny's job is depressing. They all eat at a diner. Rudnick's hands are cuffed in front of him.

Rudnick asks to use the bathroom. Carissi walks in on him talking to himself about the crimes.

Rudnick's lawyer doesn't think Barba has much of a case. She wants to make a deal to avoid the bad publicity the ME's office is getting. Two misdemeanor counts. Barba wants two counts of manslaughter. Defense attorney says that if Barba wins, Yeats will get to appeal his case.

Barba calls Rollins and tells her to go see Yeats without Benson's permission so that they can get more info out of him.

Yeats says Susie wanted to secure his freedom via blackmail. He knew she was in danger but couldn't talk her out of it. Yeats asks Rollins how far along she is, saying she has the same scent as his fiancee did.

Rollins takes two pregnancy tests. She shakes her head.

Barba charges Rudnick with Susie's murder. Suddenly John Buchanan shows up to defend Rudnick. Barba asks for remand. He gets it. The defense attorneys file motions to separate the three counts.

Rollins was not in court. She looks green to Sonny. He asks if she's told anybody yet. She hasn't. She just found out. She says it's not Nick's.

Barba tells Benson that the defense won its motion to separate the cases. Benson says Barba will win when the jury sees how heinous Susie's death was.

Benson testifies as to what she found on the beach. She says it's one of the most gruesome crime scenes she's ever seen. Buchanan objects and is overruled.

Buchanan cross-examines. He asks about Nadja and about Susie's belief that Yeats was innocent. He wants to make a connection between that belief and her death. He asks if Yeats and Susie could have been colluding to get Yeats' conviction overturned.

Rollins testifies next. She talks about the photos and how they disappeared. Buchanan tries to object to photos of the crime scene.

Cross examination. The only evidence the photos existed came from Yeats.  Lawyer questions whether it's standard practice for a female detective to come alone to such an interview. She asks if Rollins had a relationship with Yeats and asks whether anyone thought Yeats was toying with Rollins. Rollins says all informants have an agenda.

Rollins is upset. She tells Benson she's pregnant. Benson says as soon as the department hears Rollins will be put on restricted duty. Rollins doesn't want to tell them yet.

Warner testifies as to the cause of Susie's death. The piece of thigh that is missing was probably where the victim was killed. Buchanan again tries to object that they are poisoning the jury by showing how Susie was killed. 

Buchanan cross examines. He says his client had defensive wounds. Warner doesn't know how they were sustained. He asks if Warner ever applied for Rudnick's job. Barba redirects and Warner says the defensive wounds could have been self-inflicted. Barba rests!

Barba is nervous about what the defense is planning.

Rudnick is put on the stand. He says Susie attacked him with a kitchen knife and he accidentally killed her in self-defense. He claims that she was brainwashed by Yeats to think Rudnick was a killer. Barba objects to a demonstration but the judge allows it. Rudnick rolls up his sleeve and there are lots of scratches. He claims he twisted her hand away from him and she accidentally stabbed herself. He was in shock, fainted, and she died in the meantime. He stitched himself because he was afraid of being accused of her murder. He fled because he was scared.

Barba cross examines. He points out Rudnick would know how to mimic defensive wounds and how to dismember a body. And it's not a coincidence that the vital body part is missing.

Barba is sure the jury liked Rudnick. Rollins realizes Rudnick recorded all his autopsies. Maybe going through them would help.

Sonny finds a video and shows it to Rollins.

The video is of Barba's initial questioning of Rudnick. When Barba left the room Rudnick talked to himself about how the murders can't be pinned on him and how Yeats' involvement provides reasonable doubt. He confessed to himself while waiting for his attorney.

Rudnick's attorneys argue that this video was a violation of Rudnick's rights because he asked for his lawyer. The judge says it's admissable. Rudnick tries to claim incompetent defense. Judge says the material is admissible anyway.

Rudnick pleads guilty to two murders. 

Yeats is upset that Rudnick didn't pay for Lena's murder. He insinuates to Rollins that he helped kill Lena.

Yeats claims a connection to Rollins. 

In jail, Carl Rudnick comes up to Yeats and sits at his table

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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 2 Quotes

Sonny: You all right?
Rollins: Why wouldn't I be?
Sonny: Usually you're two steps ahead of me and I've never seen you queasy at a crime scene.

It was quite possible I was going to be a father and he took that from me.