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Barba wants to add a bunch of charges to Munsen's case. He wants bail revoked. Defense argues. Judge increases bail to $500k.

Benson meets Mrs. Munsen in the bathroom. Mrs. Munsen says she's worried about the union getting Munsen's bail. She got tested for STDs and is scared of her husband. She wants to leave as soon as it's safe. Benson tells Mrs. Munsen it's dangerous but she will not allow her to get killed. Mrs. Munsen says her husband no longer has any weapons. Benson advises her to get out of the house before he comes back and gives her her card (is this a setup?)

Mrs. Munsen interrupts Mike's going away party to say she's worried because her husband is home. She wants Benson and another guy to come help. Mike offers to go with her.

Munsen wants to know who was on the phone. He warns his wife not to lie to him. He knows she is talking to a divorce attorney. He warns her that she will not leave him, grabs her arm and then looks at her phone to see who she was talking to.

Mike is concerned that no one is answering the door. Finally, Mrs. Munsen answers the door and Mr. Munsen says everything is fine. Mrs. Munsen claims she overreacted and that it's not necessary for them to come in. Munsen asks if he needs his lawyer. He claims he doesn't want any trouble.

Meanwhile, Barba is accosted by Munsen's lawyer and union rep. They want a ridiculous deal. He turns them down.

Munsen will not allow his wife to stay with the kids and insists Benson does it. The kids are watching Star Wars. Mike takes Munsen into the kitchen. The animosity is clear. Munsen complains to Mike that he's not allowed on duty anymore and accuses him of turning his wife against him. Mike pretends to be on Munsen's side and encourages him to make sure the kids are safe. Munsen claims to love his kids.

The thug from last week bothers Barba in the elevator and warns him a bullet is coming for him. Barba tells a security guard to shut the building down.

Munsen tells his son to look after his sister. They tell him they love him. He demands a hug from Mommy. She doesn't give him one. He tries to assualt her. Benson takes the kids out. Munsen grabs his wife and pulls a gun on Mike. Mike unloads his gun and puts it down. 

The kids worry. Olivia says she will get Mommy. Munsen tells Mike to leave and let him handle his wife his way.

Olivia finds the door locked when she tries to get back inside. She realizes something is wrong. She calls Mike. Munsen makes him put it on speaker. He says he will let Mike go. She wants him to let his wife go. Munsen won't listen. He wants his kids taken away from here. He tells Mike to hang up the phone and leave. Mrs. Munsen claims her husband loves her and won't hurt her. Munsen orders Mike at gunpoint to leave. Mike refuses.

Meanwhile, Barba has video footage of the thug. He didn't take the first threat seriously because he's been getting threats for a while. Rollins says she's getting a security detail from intel. Barba says she'd better find someone she trusts. Rollins calls Benson but she can't talk because of the hostage situation. Dodds Senior comes along and is annoyed that Benson didn't search Munsen. 

Mrs. Munsen's father shows up. He's nervous too but glad his grandkids are safe. Dodds Senior realizes Munsen is not looking for a negotation. Mike tries to tell him that these people will come in if he doesn't talk to him. Lisa rambles about how she won't leave. Mike says he knows Munsen loves his kids. He can't let himself die and not be there for his kids. Munsen says his life is over.  He expresses resentment of Mike. He says leave or he kills him. Mike refuses to leave again. Munsen says he's an idiot. Mike has an actual life. Mike tries to wrestle the gun away from him and a shot goes off! SWAT team comes in and Munsen surrenders claiming it was an accident. Mike has been shot and has lost a ton of blood. He is loaded into an ambulance, on oxygen. Rollins is emotional as she gives Rollins and Carisi the news. 

At the hospital, Dodds Senior says it doesn't look good but Mike is a fighter. Sonny can donate blood. Doctor comes out. Bleeding stopped for now, but Mike is sitll in surgery. If they get through the next few hours he may live, but his recommendation is Dodds get the family together. Benson asks if she can make any calls. Dodds says he hasn't spoken to the mother in years. Benson asks about the other son. He's in Mexico trying to get his life together.

Finn believes Mike will be okay but no one else thinks so. Tucker comes to support Olivia. He thinks it's good Mike is sitll alive. Olivia blames herself. She had a bad feeling. She should have let Mike walk the kids out. Tucker asks her if she needs anything. Just him. (But he leaves the next second to get Mike's fiancee from the airport)

Doctor comes back. Mike is a fighter, he's awake, will be in and out. Everyone is super relieved.

Mike asks his dad if Mrs. Munsen is all right and tells him he blew it, he should have searched the guy. Dodds Senior says after this he wants him to put the hero thing aside. (We are finally seeing a softer side)

Rollins finds out the thug is the brother of some gang member Barba put away. They go to tell Benson but she's asleep in Tucker's arms. 

When Benson gets the news she wants them to get on this but please wear their vests.

Alice (the fiancee) arrives and Benson takes her to Mike. He promises her he will be okay. Benson wakes Dodds Sr up so they can give Alice and Mike some privacy. Mike seems to be having some cognitive issues but Dodds Senior says it is probably the drugs. Benson thinks they should tell his doctor. He has a temperature and needs an emergency head CT. Doctor won't tell Benson and Dodds Sr what's going on. 

Dodds Senior is overly excited about Alice and about the brother coming. The doctor comes to talk to him. Benson watches nervously as they leave. Apparently there were clots in his brain and he had a massive stroke. He is breathing and his heart is beating but he is brain dead. The machines are only on for his organs. Dodds Senior bursts into tears.

Benson walks down the hall, slowly, as her officers watch. Rollins begins to cry as she walks off.

There is a funeral for Mike. Benson cries. Afterwards, Dodds Senior looks lost and sad. Benson tells Rollins how Mike saved her butt with the leaked video. Carisi tells Barba that they are in process of arresting the thug. Barba says he's not worried (that doesn't sound good.)

Olivia asks how Mike's mom was doing. Apparently she wanted him to be cremated. But she's doing better than he is. Why did he have to do this on his last day? He knew better, he knew since he was six how dangerous this was. Benson says he wanted to be a hero like his father. There is a toast to Mike. Sonny says Mike was the bravest cop he ever worked with.

Barba ID's the guy at a lineup. Sonny says the guy was paid off and Barba needs to keep the security detail. Barba asks if Carisi still wants to be an ADA. There's an opening, but Carisi doesn't want to go because of Mike's death.

Benson talks to her therapist. She tells him she wouldn't have left Dodds in the house if she could have done it over again. Her therapist says that wouldn't have done any good and at least the kids are safe and have their mother. But Benson says Chief Dodds doesn't have his son. Therapist thinks she's having survivor guilt. He tells her she cannot blame herself. No one could have predicted this. 

Tucker thinks it's better that Olivia is exhausted than numb. She says she's still standing because of her little son. Tucker is going to transfer into hostage negotation. He realized at the funeral he doesn't want to obsess over whether cops are lying to him anymore. He went into IAB because he couldn't trust anyone after his divorce. But now he trusts Olivia. He has a good thing going with her and Noah. He asks her to go to Paris with him. They kiss. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 23 Quotes

It took a minute, but you grew on me.


Benson: I understand you wanting to leave. But in situations like this...
Mrs. Munsen: Women get killed.