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A woman is taking video at Bellevue. Apaprently there's a cop assigned to her. She seems to be doing a reality show or something. Nurse talks to her. She wants water but has to have her mouth swabbed first. Nurse takes her inside and doesn't let her record inside. She records anyway.

Rollins and Carisi come in to interview her. She says she was raped in a nightclub restroom. She says she has a photo on her phone. Sonny realizes she is recording.

Dodds Sr says nobody is losing sleep over Abraham. He thinks Benson should try to talk Mike into leaving SVU.

Rollins is watching club footage of the victim dancing. She claims that the manager raped her. Dodds Senior knows him and wants to make a call. Mike is not a fan of the guy

Christi did not disclose to her friend because she didn't want to ruin her night. Her friend seems surprised she was raped. She put her in a cab at the end of the night. They were together except during her smoke breaks. Doesn't remember anyone creepy. The manager should be able to help. He was attentive. She says Christi flirts and doesn't pay for drinks ever.

There is some movie involving French revolutionaries that gets interrupted because Mike needs to talk to Bobby. Bobby thinks the girl is a freak. They danced and made out and had sex in the bathroom but it was consensual. The manager came in and she had sex with him too. He thinks this is a shakedown.

Carisi doubts the rape happened. Benson disagrees.

The manager is flippant about Christi's injuries. He went looking for Bobby and Christi invited him to stay...or maybe it was Bobby. Mike asks for security footage

Christi says she didn't want them to think she was a slut. She claims that she didn't want Noel but he wouldn't leave. Bobby insisted and then he left. She claims Noel then raped her from behind. Rollins says they need to make sure the timeline is clear. She claims she didn't want to ruin her friend's birthday so she pretended it didn't happen.

Dodds Sr. doesn't believe the Christi. Barba says it's a he said she said. Dodds Sr asks him how the case will play out. He doesn't want SVU to move forward with this case. Rollins looks annoyed.

Benson says they don't have enough evidence to make an arrest. Christi cries that she was raped and that she was stupid to be excited about Bobby's interest in her. benson tells her it is not her fault. 

Bobby tells Mike he owes him one. Rollins is annoyed. She says she looked at the vlog. The latest vlog says the NYPD won't help and that Bobby and Noel raped her. She names Benson and says she told her nobody will be arrested.

Bobby is angry he was named as a rapist.

Carisi confronts Christi but she says there is no reason to tell them when they are on Bobby's side. She claims that Bobby wouldn't let her leave and pushed her head down. Noel watched and then raped her. 

Dodds Senior suggests Bobby call his lawyer. Benson confronts him. He claims that Bobby may be the victim here.

A commenter on Christi's blog claims they were raped by Bobby and Noel also. Commenter wanted to stay anonymous. She tells Rollins a similar story to Christi. 

Rollins argues that the stories are consistent. Barba says he can't prosecute. Benson says it's hard for victims to come forward.

Mike tries to make Rollins go home. They argue. She slams her laptop down and gets an idea. She appears to go undercover without telling anyone. She pretends to be drunk and flirts with Bobby.

Rollins tries to stop Bobby and Noel comes in. The two won't stop. Rollins kicks Noel in the groin and pins Bobby to the wall. She runs out angrily.

Mike shows up. Rollins is annoyed but arrests Bobby. Mike says she can't arrest him because she went undercover without authorization.

Rollins shows the video. But Barba and Benson say Bobby's rights were violated. Dodds Senior complains that Rollins came on to Bobby.

Barba's assistant (?) takes Christi's phone. She is antagonistic. Barba laughs at her when she says she always tells the truth. Benson tells her that her behavior makes her look bad.

Christi wants to look her rapists in the eye while the jury hears what they did to her.

Sonny is surprised Christi's not hear with all these cameras. Benson says Rollins has not said a word to her and tells him not to be in the middle.

Mike testifies that Christi was not charged for her drinks.

Buchanan asks did they believe Christi. He asks if Christi was lying. Dodds says that she omitted details. Buchanan argues that she only brought up the rape after the security footage came to light. He claims she kept changing her story when charges were not brought.

Christi testifies. She says she was afraid to bring up the rape because Bobby was famous.

Buchanan cross examines. He shows her web site and says she looks like she was having fun with Bobby and shows her vlog that does not name Bobby. He suggests that she cried rape in order to get views on her vlog and make money. He then shows her dancing after she was raped. Christi cries on the stand at his accusations.

Benson wants Barba to bring Christi back for redirect but he says no. He is going to trick them into opening the door to Rollins' video

Buchanan decides to rest without calling witnesses because he doesn't think the prosecution made their case.

Sonny tells Barba it was worth the fight. He took the bar last weekend. If he passed it's because of Barba being hard on him.

Jury is already back.

the defendants are found not guilty. Rollins and Benson look upset. Mike stares at them. Christi cries she is a national joke. 

Someone leaks the video of Rollins' undercover work. Benson calls Rollins to her office.

Rollins says she didn't leak the video. Benson doesn't believe her. Dodds interrupts the argument and tells Benson he knows who leaked the video. 




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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 16 Quotes

It's the lies we tell ourselves to get through the day.

Dodds Senior

I'm a vlogger. My followers want to know everything that happens to me. What did you say your names were?