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Dodds Senior is there making a speech. He says that they're in good hands for the moment and that Olivia will hopefully be back soon. Mike says this is still their case and they still need to follow up on the charges against Tucker.

Tucker says Jefferson and Russo are dirty and lying about him. Someone asks if the two priests are in on the conspiracy too? He says they should talk to Sister Nina, who is busy packing and trying to run away (taking her crucifix was a nice touch). She picks up some girl and takes off.

Olivia tries to talk to Barba who won't talk to her. She accuses him of getting her transferred to Women in Community. 

Nina calls Olivia and says she's not cooperating anymore. Shortly afterwards her car is rammed and goes into a ditch. Someone approaches...

Olivia meets with Ed. He's been grilled all day long.  Olivia warns him that someone is after Sister Nina and might be after him too.

Rollins interviews Tucker's cousin and Sonny interviews the other priest. Fin interviews Russo who says Tucker talked to him off the record. Tucker says he knew about them and the girls. He claims if they cut Tucker in he wouldn't pursue disciplinary action.

Sister Nina is missing. They ping the phone. Cops find the church van. Rollins realizes Sister Nina has been kidnapped and that she was with a teenage girl. The van belonged to Father Joseph Leahey. Leahey lent the van to Nina so she could go to the family lakehouse. He used to be a Catholic priest til he fell in love with Nina, but she wouldn't leave being a nun because the girls needed her.

Nina and the girl are at a hospital. The girl, Natalia, wishes she had died. There was some male perp bothering her. He kidnapped her and Sister Nina and threatened her life to keep Natalia from running. Then he raped and shot Nina as a warning to the other girls. He made her take drugs and she woke up in the hospital.

Cops searched the woods. They find Nina's body. She's dead.

Dodds tells Olivia. They can't find the priest who has been accused of raping and murdering Nina. Olivia says they need to sit at the school for as long as it takes. Sonny is stonewalled, but the sister is surprised that Father Eugene is not in school. The Monsignor is MIA and doesn't want them talking. A nun suggests talking to a Bishop. The Bishop won't talk to Fin.

Sonny and Fin blackmail a dirty judge to try to get warrants for the priests' financials. No records for the suspect. However Father Eugene is paying for a loft that costs more each month than he makes.

Fin and Sonny are looking for Eugene and instead find a young kid and some BDSM stuff. Lance is living in the loft and paying some of the expenses. He has an outstanding DUI warrant. He wants to call his girlfriend who is a lawyer. Girlfriend insists Lance broke things off with Eugene a year ago. She emailed the Monsignor two years ago. Eugene was making BDSM porn videos

Mike is sure the Monsignor knew about Eugene's activities. Tucker can't be unframed because he didn't record his conversation with Russo and Jefferson. Olivia says Eugene doesn't know they have his trainer. They make Lance set him up so he can be arrested. He cooperates when they threaten to talk to the Monsignor.

Eugene insists Tucker is involved with the trafficking, not him. Barba can't believe this.

Sonny realizes he hasn't wanted to see the truth about this.

Barba and Sonny go to talk to the Monsignor who claims that Eugene went on sabbatical during the investigation and the claim was baseless. The Bronx DA said nothing criminal had taken place. He sees no reason why Eugene couldn't still teach. He is shocked about the naked cowboy. He claims he had nothing to do with the trafficking and that NYPD cops are to blame.

The Monsignor makes a statement to the press that Father Eugene has betrayed his vows and that the Vice Squad and IAB blackmailed Father Eugene to help them traffick the girls.  He claims corruption exists through the state and the Bishop asks for the federal government to step in

Dodds Sr thinks SVU should just back off. Father Eugene will be sent on sabbatical and the Vice Cops get nothing. But Tucker will be sacrificed. Mike comes to see Olivia and Ed. He tells them. Ed is antagonistic. Olivia says Eugene may be close to his breaking point. Ed doesn't think it'll work. Mike decides to back off so Tucker and Olivia can keep their jobs. Sonny doesn't want to accept it.

Eugene doesn't want to talk to Sonny. Sonny says he is a Catholic. He asks Eugene to think about why he became a priest. Eugene says those memories are lost. Eugene cries that he has been praying to be relieved of his weakness forever. It's too late. He can't feel God anymore. He's been blind to God for a long time. Sonny tells him to repent before God.

The cops find a bunch of containers buried in the churchyard. It's full of photos of the girls they trafficked, receipts, etc. 

A bunch of women testify to being molested by members of the church. The Monsignor blackmailed them into silence. The phony priest is arrested but Bishop is gone.

Liv is reinstated. Dodds Senior says he has to warn them because they went after big guns and should watch their backs. The Bishop was sent away to Chile.

Ed and Olivia drink together. Ed wants to take it easy on the alcohol. Olivia appreciates him looking out for her.

Sonny goes to the church and prays, looking upset.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 18 Quotes

Either Tucker's dirty or someone's setting him up good.


Whoever did this killed Kara. And while you and 1PP are chasing your Trojan Horse, other girls are in danger.