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In an art class a girl thinks the model is hot and her friend leaves. In the next scene, her friend is trying on jewelry in a store and walking through, checking her watch. A waiter taps her on the shoulder and she flinches, appearing very nervous. She goes into the women's room and checks herself in the mirror before going into a stall. She hears someone come in. The person has a pipe.

The cops tell Rollin that the assailant was male and black. The victim was transgender.

Witnesses arrive. The mother seems uncomfortable. Little girl is worried about the victim. Mom doesn't want the little girl to talk.  

Mom doesn't understand why people can't use the bathroom they're born to use.

Victim is lucky to be alive. Doctor is checking for DNA. 

Carisi says that the media will be all over this. Benson says this is a hate crime.

The parents are upset. The mother says she was afraid of this. Father says that she was having relationship issues. Boyfriend's name is Logan. They  broke up and got back together. They were fighting because he thought she was seeing someone else.

Boyfriend is upset and wants to know if Eva is okay. He wants to go to the hospital right now. He says he was in the office all day. He claims the fight wasn't season. He had texted her a bunch of nasty things about her lies. He didn't like that she was working at clubs.

Club owner says there are always altercations. He's worried about a lawsuit and says all trans people sue over everything. Apprently she fought with some hip-hop artist.

Eva is still on life support. Fin finds out the name of the manager of the hip hop artists. He kicked her out when she slapped one of his artists. He claims the guy, Hype, is super talented. She was offended by some joke Hype made.

Fin and Carisi go to see Hype. The person who answers the door asks about Carisi's suit (?)

Hype calls Eva "he" and claims not know she was in a coma. Hype claims to have been in the studio all day. He has a prior for armed robbery. His music is homophobic. However he has an instagram photo showing he was at Cyprus Market right before the attack.

Fin and Carisi try to get Hype to tell them the truth. He says he was getting food and never saw Eva. He eats there all the time.

Rollins finds that Eva's boyfriend took a two hour lunch break.

Logan claims he went to Eva's surgeon to get a refund after she decided against surgical transition. He apologizes for lying. He says she changed her mind because she was seeing someone else who liked her the way she is. He doesn't know the name but he has photos. 

Fin recognizes the guy as Hype's producer that answered the door at Hype's apartment.

Producer claims Eva was there to write lyrics for Hype. He calls Eva a freak and lawyers up.

Eva ripped up the check for $50,000.

Hype's DNA is under Eva's fingernails. Benson wants them to work on a warrant. Rollins stakes out Hype. She follows his cab. Hype appears to be going to Eva's hospital. Hype tries to run away and is quickly knocked to the ground and arrested.

Fin says they have enough to charge Hype and that he should come clean. Hype wants it kept private. Hype says he and Eva were dating and had sex. Fin looks skeptical.

Benson isn't sure whether this is true since Hype has lied so much. Fin believes him because rap culture dictates he has to keep up a reputation and he can't openly be with a trans girl. Benson says maybe he cracked and took out his rage on Eva. 

Hype says he realized he liked Eva but he's not gay. Eva slapped him because he pretended not to know her. Hype says he always writes his own rhymes. Eva wanted to have lunch with him in public that day and he couldn't do it and he left. His alibi checks out. It has to be Cash. Benson asks for the witnesses to come.

The mother says that nether she nor her daughter saw the guy's face. Sophie gets upset when she sees Cash's face. The mother tries to insist Sophie saw nothing. Benson takes the mom into her office. The mother implies Eva is just a man in a dress. Benson informs her that Eva had a family too and that she will arrest her for interfering if she doesn't stop.

Barba says he will get a search warrant. Benson gets notified that Eva died.

Rollins and Fin go to Cash's house and find Cash on the floor unconscious and a bunch of bloody footprints. They find Hype with a gun and full of blood and arrest him.

Hype says they were fighting and he grabbed the gun and shot him in self-defense. The fight was over a contract.

Barba says he's not ready to charge him yet. Hype's clothes are searched. The gun belongs to Vincent Love.

Vincent claims Hype stole the gun from his desk.  Fin and Carisi claim this all happened over Hype and Eva's relationship. Vincent lawyers up.

Barba says Hype is lying about everything. And it sounds like premeditated murder. Benson says Cash was hate filled so she thinks Hype should get a lesser charge. Barba offers him Man I if he allocutes, saying that he was enraged because he loved Eva. Hype refuses. He insists it was a business dispute. 

Barba says they tried. Benson thinks the lawyer is in Vincent Love's pocket and Hype is being manipulated. Benson thinks that Love is homophobic/transphobic and won't let it go. She thinks Love ordered the hit on Eva. She doesn't have any evidence. She wants warrants. Barba wearily agrees.

Benson tells Hype that Love knew. They have a recording of Love saying they need to get rid of the "tranny."

Hype's lawyer tries to stop him from talking. Benson tells Hype if he doesn't tell the truth he'll do 20 years while Eva's killers make money off his musc. Hype says he's not a snitch.

In court, Barba's opening statement includes the fact that Hype was dating Eva and says vigilante justice is not allowed. This is murder.

The defense attorney turns off the monitor and talks all about Hype's talent as an artist and then says this was self-defense and that there was no relationship with Eva. Hype looks upset but sticks to his story on the stand. 

Hype is found guilty of murder. He looks shocked as he is led away. Benson looks upset. Eva's mother hugs her. Barba tells Benson that Hype's single hit #1.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 6 Quotes

Carisi: Media's gonna be all over this.
Benson: Yeah, with good reason. This was a hate crime.

Patrick: I went to bat for you!
Olivia: And the truth is, I wish you hadn't. I wish you'd just told the truth.