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A woman is supposed to go on a tour of the US to talk about her experiences in the Army. She has a homecoming party and soon after is found by a jogger.

Fin says it looks like a sexual assault and that the woman,, Beth, is an Army Ranger. She had 5K on her in cash and put up a good fight against her assailant.

Beth's mother has no idea why she would have all that money.

Beth doesn't want to talk much and says the timing sucks because she is supposed to do a press tour for the Army. A doctor comes in and ends the questioning.

Beth's fiance says she wouldn't let him walk her home from the party. He asked Beth to stay but she wouldn't. He seems to feel guilty about letting her leave..

Some idiot online is posting that Beth deserves to be hurt/killed because she was raped. Benson wants him looked into.

Beth's commanding officer shows up. He offers Benson his full support but he wants everything kept confidential. Benson tells him it's Beth's decision whether or not to identify herself 

A suspect is identified, a construction worker who has video of him and Beth doing some sort of Fight Club activity and Beth beating him up. The dude says he respects Beth for beating him up. He insists he is innocent.

Beth blames herself and refuses to believe it is not her fault because she is not supposed to embarrass her country. She asks Benson what her mission is. Benson tells her to heal.

They find the guy writing nasty things online is Gary Cook. He tries to run from Rollins and is arrested.

Cook admits to having followed Beth. He rambles about how women should not be boxing and should be in the kitchen and making babies like they have been for 100s of years.

Beth is trying to leave the hospital but agrees to look at photos. She remembers Cook assaulting her. Fin tells her Ranger to Ranger to take another day but she won't.

Cook has an alibi and survelliance video shows he shook Beth's hand and then walked away.

Benson tracks Beth down but she says she has to take her mom to her treatment. Beth claims that she is sure about Cook. Benson tells her Cook can't be the guy. Benson says she's being called back to base. Benson tries to convince her to stay but to no avail. Her commanding officer clearly wants to rush her away to keep her out of the press.

Rollins and Carisi investigate and find that Mickey was a block away at the time of the assault. They go to his house and get his friend to admit that he was covering for Mickey. Beth broke the engagement off the night of the party. Mickey left the apartment 20 minutes after Beth did. Mickey is currently at Beth's mom's house. Mickey is there while Beth's mom is at the hospital. All the lights are out.

Fin and Benson hear a noise and go to investigate. They find  Beth beating up Mickey. he falls apart in Benson's arms.

Benson confronts Beth who wanted to deal with it her way. Benson is not happy with her. Benson tells her that the DA's office may charge Beth with a crime. Maybe if she cooperates they'll see what they can do. She tells her to be at Mickey's arraignment.

Beth does not show up at the arraignment.

Benson tracks her down -- again. Beth still insists that she LET Mickey do this to her and she's not a role model because she was raped. Benson convinces her that as a Ranger she needs to be a leader and stand up for other survivors.

Beth has a press conference in which she says she was raped and that it doesn't define her.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 12 Quotes

Benson: You said she was sexually assaulted?
Fin: Looks that way. Her pants were off, her underwear was pulled down. Blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
Benson: Anything else?
Fin: We found a military ID. She's a ranger. Best of the best.

Father: So uh, have you two lovebirds set a date or what?
Man: Next year, May 20th, right babe?
Woman: Yeah.