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In the park, two kids run away from their mother and when she goes after them, she gets hit by a bike. Elsewhere in the park, Olivia is playing with Noah. She sees a news article about Mike's death in the trash and looks sad. Carisi calls and she says she'll take care of whatever the problem is since she's in the park.

Cop says there's an abandoned child who doesn't speak English. Olivia offers to take him to his parents and he pulls a gun out of his backpack. Olivia tells everyone to step back and gets Noah behind her. She gets the gun away from the kid and unloads it. Olivia hugs Noah.

Doctor says the kid speaks Russian or European.

The woman hit by the bike has died so there is no adult connected to this kid.

Rollins and Carisi search the apartment. The find a duffel bag with a photo of him with a woman assumed to be his mom and a very regimented schedule.

A neighbor says the kid was probably a nephew. He appears to be prejudiced against immigrants.

A restaurant owner says the kid's mother hasn't shown up for work in three days and he is used to that. She often has bruises or a black eye -- possible domestic violence.

They go to her address and it's a vacuum cleaner store that has never heard of the woman. Carisi thinks the woman is a prostitute or involved with a dealer.

Ten hours and nothing. Olivia is frustrated. Tucker thinks the kid is dangerous because he had a loaded gun. Olivia was only able to think about Noah. Tucker is working with the DA on difficult cases where the people might be innocent.

Chief Dodds shows up. He doesn't want to bother Olivia with administrative stuff and seems to be hostile towards her. She sees a sign memorializing Mike.

Print on the Glock belongs to a Luka someone, might be the father. His last known address is in Queens.

The cops break into the apartment when they get no answer and find a photo of Luka with Ali and his mother. Fin finds a room full of ammunition and bombs along with Arabic signs. 

Chief Dodds wants to interrogate the kid. He wants a translator to talk to him.

Dodds says they don't know what the targets are but it looks like a planned terrorist attack. Olivia says round the clock shifts til this is resolved.

Rollins and Carisi found the name of someone who pays the rent on Luka's apartment and an address on the checks.

It turns out this is Luka's half-brother and is defensive. He won't call Luka. He wants a lawyer. When the cops try to call he warns him and he hangs up.

Phone is found in a dumpster with a cracked screen and is locked.

Barba goes to a judge. He wants an emergency court order to compel the phone company to unlock the phone. Barba believes the company may cooperate if court-ordered. The judge grants the order but doubts the company will comply. 

Facial recognition has spotted Luka and Ana going to the park. The cops rush over after searching to see if there are any concerts or special events.

Luka starts shooting randomly into the crowd. A million cops swarm in and Olivia tells everyone to stay down. A sniper shoots Luka. Anna surrenders and begs for help.

An off duty cop was killed in the melee. A special agent wants Olivia to talk to Ana as all Ana cares about is her son.

Olivia tells Ana that her son had a gun. She says she left him with her aunt and doesn't understand why he was alone. Olivia reveals that the aunt died. Ana begs to see Ali. The Special Agent says they must know about the terrorist plot. A lawyer shows up. She wants to talk to the suspect alone.

Ana apparently claims she didn't know what Luka was going to do. The Special Agent argues with Dodd who says the DA already charged Ana because of the police officer who was killed.

Barba is mobbed by news people and he gives a statement that Ana is guilty of murder whether or no she is associated with terrorism.

Barba requests remand. The defense attorney wants ROR and thinks Barba is prejudiced. The attorney says Ana was raped and tortured beforehand and forced into this.

Barba is angry about this. Olivia wants to investigate the rape. Barba doesn't want her to. He wants Ana to go down for this no matter what.

Olivia interviews Ana about the rape. She came here six years ago and thought Luka was nice. But then Luka became angry all the time and started hitting her and raping her in addition to making xenophobic comments. Luka and his half brother raped her for years and said they would kill her if she told. They had video and threatened to send it to her family after killing her. She has severe bruising on her belly. She was beaten with belts. She was afraid for her life and her son's so she didn't call the police. Olivia wants to do a rape kit.

A college student who was shot dies and Barba and Dodd don't want the rape investigation to go forward because it might make Ana sympathetic to the jury. Olivia refuses. Dodds blames her for Mike's death.

Barba tries to tell Olivia that she is not responsible for Mike's death. Olivia changes the subject. Anna was not willing. Barba says Ana must go down. Olivia informs him that the boy was the half-brother's son so if Ana goes to prison he will get custody of the boy. Olivia goes to investigate the rape anyway.

The brother claims no sex ever happened. Rollins tells him he is the father of Ana's child. He admits to having sex with her and calls her names, saying she's manipulative and ruined Luka's life. He wants a lawyer when he is questioned about the belt.

In court, Barba argues the rape is irrelevant to the murder charge. Defense is going to use an extreme duress defense. The judge needs more evidence. Defense calls Olivia. Barba looks mad.

Dodds accuses Olivia of undermining the case. Dodds says that losing isn't an option and Olivia should pretend she's on the side of the prosecution. Barba shows up and tells her she's being self-centered. Olivia accuses him of being anti-Muslim. Barba says the rape testimony has been disallowed.

Olivia tries to tell the defense attorney that she won't win and that she should cut a deal for Ana's sake. Armin is seeking sole custody. Cutting a deal will give them leverage to ensure Armin can't touch the boy.

The defense attorney accuses Barba of being anti-Muslim. Barba will only accept Murder 1. Defense won't agree unless Barba agrees to prosecute Armin for rape.

Olivia demands of Barba why he says there's not enough evidence to prosecute for rape. But Olivia thinks there might be video of the rapes on the phone. Barba goes to court to demand the phone be unlocked , since apparently the last order to do that went nowhere.

Barba wins but the phone company appeals. Barba doesn't think his boss will move forward. Olivia says Ana deserves justice. She is arresting Armin.

The SVU cops show up and the FBI is already there. Armin has been talking to radicals in Afghanistan. The FBI says SVU's arrest warrant will have to wait indefinitely.

At the Metropolitan Correctional Center Olivia tells Ana that her sister is on the way to take Ali back to Bosnia.  She must say goodbye to the boy. 

Olivia is in the park with Noah when Tucker shows up. It's been a long week but Olivia is happy. She's scared her happiness won't last. Tucker says that's not true. They take Noah for a walk


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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 1 Quotes

Guy: There's always something with these people.
Fin: These people?
Guy: Immigrants.
Fin: And your people came over on the Mayflower?

You said he had a loaded gun? He's lucky to be alive.