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Three teenage girls are outside school. Two of them tell the third one, Zoe, to do something. She doesn't want to. They tell her she has to. She goes up to some guy getting a bike and kisses him on the cheek, then the three girls run away shouting, "Red Parrot."

Later, a woman asks the two other girls if they've seen Zoe. They say they haven't seen her since they got off the bus.

SVU is called in. The girls tell Benson and Fin they dared Zoe to kiss the guy and now she's missing. Benson interviews the coach, who can't remember if she did a head count or when the last time she saw Zoe was. The girls tell Carisi that Zoe kissed a guy on a Citibike. Carisi IDs the guy from the Citibike database.

SVU goes to the guy's house and he says that he saw Zoe run away with her friends after she kissed him.  SVU searches the rec room. They find Zoe's cell phone, sneakers and clothes. Zoe is unconscious, but alive, behind the bleachers.

Rollins realizes the other two girls lied. She questions them again and they admit they were playing a game where Zoe had to do whatever they dared her to all day. They dared her to run a lap naked. Zoe ran up the bleachers to get her clothes and fell. They never meant to hurt her. They were scared if they told they'd get in trouble.

At the hospital, Zoe dies in surgery. Dr. Franchella says there was swelling on her brain and then it ceased to function. It wouldn't have mattered if SVU had found her earlier.

Stone elects not to press charges against the other two girls. This sounds like a tragic accident.

Fin and Benson go to offer condolences to Zoe's parents. They are distraught. And then while looking at her body, they discover an incision in her chest. Benson questions the doctor and she says she harvested Zoe's organs. The heart is on its way to Buffalo. The helicopter is about to take off.

Benson stops the helicopter. The pilot says that a little boy needs the heart and will die without it. Benson talks to Zoe's parents. The mother absolutely refuses to donate the heart. Benson goes to tell the pilot. Carisi suggests they pretend they got there too late so the boy could have the heart, but Benson wants to follow the law.

Benson talks to the doctor again and says this may not be a police matter but she has to understand why she failed to get the parents' consent. The doctor says that she was trying to save the other child's life.

The cops investigate and someone at a hospital where organs are donated says this doctor has saved a lot of lives and they can't afford to lose her. They investigate anyway and find she has forged signatures on 32 consent forms to harvest children's organs.

Stone talks to Zoe's parents. The mother says there is no question she wants the doctor prosecuted. Her child's body was mutilated without her consent.

The doctor is arrested and hopes the handcuffs don't cause damage to her hands so that she cannot continue to operate. Carisi and Fin don't see what the big deal is. Rollins is horrified. Stone says that whatever anyone's opinion is, the doctor broke the law.

At trial, Zoe's mother testifies about how this made her pain worse on the worst day of her life.

A little boy named Harry testifies. He is the boy who was supposed to get the heart. He has a heart defect and if he doesn't get the transplant he will die. Stone does not ask him any questions on cross-examination and Zoe's father feels terrible and tries to apologize to the parents, who don't want to talk to him.

Dr. Franchello testifies that she disagrees with her hospital's policy on organ donation. Parents are too distraught when a child dies to agree to donate organs. In Europe consent is presumed unless the parent explicitly says no at the time of death. She thinks it should be the same way in the US.

Stone wonders if the doctor could be laundering money she is receiving for taking the organs. An investigation into her financials reveals that she donates in the name of her late son.

Stone questions her about this on the stand and she says her son needed a heart transplant he didn't get in time. She saves lives in his memory. Stone asks if she tried hard enough to save Zoe's. He asks if she would have taken the heart this way if it was her son.

Benson tells Stone she thinks she did the wrong thing by not allowing Harry to have the heart. Stone says that his father died while he was downstairs getting half-and-half for his coffee. It would have been even more traumatic if someone had stolen his organs before he even came back.

The doctor is found guilty on all counts. Benson thinks it's wrong that Stone wants to press for jail time at sentencing. She suggests he is overcompensating for being downstairs when his father died. They are interrupted by Rollins who gives them the sad news that Harry just passed away.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 15 Quotes

If Zoe's in there, that's exigent circumstances, right Counselor?


Benson: Okay, ladies. Listen to me. You're not in trouble. We just want to find out what happened so we can help Zoe. She's your friend, right?
Lili: So when we got off the bus, we dared Zoe to go up to some rando on the street and kiss him. A man.
Zoe's mom: WHAT?
Fin: And then what happened?
Lili: Zoe went up to him and we went inside. And now she's gone.