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Olivia is walking Noah to school. He doesn't want to go and tells her he wishes Lucy was his Mommy. Olivia is distracted by his comment and doesn't see him walk into the street until it's almost too late. She grabs him just in time as a taxi is coming down the street.

When Olivia gets to work, she gets a call from Noah's teacher that he has bruises and she is bemused as to where they came from, but can't talk right now because Fin has shown up with a suspect, Byron Marx, who apparently got away with several rapes six years ago. Fin claims to have just happened to run into Marx while on vacation in Cuba.

The SVU team goes to all of Marx's victims but no one wants to testify because it's been six years and they just want to move on with their lives. The last victim, Karla, seems sort of interested but her husband forbids her testifying.

Olivia is called to Noah's school, where a teacher informs her that Noah said she gave him the bruises. She is shocked and denies it. At work, she is upset and confides in Rollins who says that she has her back.

Barba comes in looking for Fin. The defense attorney, Dworkin, is claiming Fin kidnapped Marx and wants the charges dismissed on those grounds. 

Later, Fin tells Olivia it doesn't matter how he got Marx because Marx is guilty of three rapes. Olivia says they have to do things the right way. She goes home to talk to Noah, who explains that the bruises occurred when she rescued him from the taxi. She tells him to tell the whole story next time.

In court, Dworkin loses his initial motion but some Cuban representative wants Marx returned to Cuba. 

Karla comes to see Olivia and says that her insistence that closure would feel good was a lie. Olivia tries to comfort her and claims Marx is being used as a political pawn by the Cubans to stick it to America.

Marx's wife, who is Cuban, testifies about how devastated their four-year-old will be if her father doesn't return to Cuba. The judge lets Marx go overnight with his lawyer. Rollins and Carisi follow them all night. Carisi thinks Fin was in the wrong. Rollins thinks he's thinking like a lawyer instead of a cop and that Marx deserves what he gets. They realize Marx is escaping and go into the restaurant he is in with his lawyer but it's too late.

Olivia realizes where Marx is. She goes to Karla's house and finds Karla holding a gun on Marx. She eventually gets the gun away from Karla and arrests Marx. Later, she tells Barba that her actions were stupid because she risked her life when she has a child at home to care for.

Olivia has an idea to resolve this. She gets Karla to tell Marx's wife what happened to her. Marx's wife is disgusted. Dworkin agrees to make a deal with Barba.

At home, Olivia is about to have ice cream with a very happy Noah when her ex-boyfriend Cassidy shows up and informs her she is under investigation for child abuse.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 1 Quotes

What the hell? Sun'll come up tomorrow and you'll give some of that goopy stuff you're pouring out of your heart to some other victim.


Noah: I don't wanna go!
Olivia: School is fun! You've got your teddy, you've got your lunchbox...
Noah: I wish Lucy was my Mommy! She wouldn't make me go!
Olivia: What'd you just say?
Noah: I said, I wish Lucy was my Mommy.
Olivia: Well, kiddo, looks like you're stuck with me.