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Two girls are in a store looking for shampoo. They look at a social media star's webpage to see what shampoo to buy.

Meanwhile, the star, Katy Miller, meets a tattooed guy for a date. She details much of the date on Instagram. However, when they get to his apartment, he holds her down on the bed and rapes her. Later, Katy is limping through NYC and a man sees her. She says she was raped.

Benson takes Noah home after a visit with Sheila and finds out that Sheila talked to him about Ellie.

At the hospital, Katy wants to go home. She refuses a rape kit and won't talk to Rollins and Fin. Later, Rollins and Benson visit her apartment but she insists nothing happened and kicks them out. She says her lawyer told her not to talk to them. It turns out the lawyer whose name she gave never spoke with her.

The Monster, a MMA fighter who matches the description of the tattooed man, contacts the detectives. He shows them texts from Katy where she asked to be raped. In addition, he has a text from her saying that she'll cry rape if he doesn't pay $10,000. Benson decides to have him agree to the extortion and see if Katy shows up.

Katy does show up, but runs when she sees the cops. When she is arrested she says she ran because she saw the man who raped her. She claims she got a text from Chantel arranging an interview in the park at that time, and shows it to the detectives.

The cops want the Monster to plead guilty to rape so they can charge the catfisher as an accomplice. The Monster will do no time. He reluctantly agrees when he sees that he hurt Katy.

Computer crimes traces the IP address to West Virginia. No one wants to go with Sonny. Rollins is chosen for the task.

The house associated with the IP address belongs to a very sick old woman who lives with her daughter, Heather. Heather admits to the crime and is arrested. She wants to be extradited to NYC because she wants to see New York.

Sonny, Rollins, and the sheriff go out for drinks. Rollins flirts with a bartender to get more info about Heather. The sheriff gets drunk and knocks into a table. Sonny offers to buy the table a beer. The guy is offended and starts a brawl.

Sonny and Rollins are tipsy and laugh about this experience outside her hotel room and almost kiss, but Rollins stops it. The next morning, Sonny sees the bartender leave Rollins' room and is upset.

Heather tells Rollins she always wanted to see New York but couldn't leave because she had to take care of her mom. In the car on the way back, there is icy silence between Rollins and Carisi. Heather wonders if she will get to see the Monster.

Heather is offered a plea deal but the lawyer she was impersonating shows up and kicks the public defender out, agreeing to represent her for free. He rejects the plea offer.

Benson confronts Sheila about talking about Ellie with Noah. Sheila apologizes and hopes for a second chance. Benson forgives her.

At trial, Heather comes off as stupid, naive and celebrity obsessed. Barba is told to wait til the next day to cross-examine her. Benson visits him at the local bar, where she's annoyed because Sheila is taking Noah out to get him a coat and then get him pizza. Barba thinks Noah is a lucky kid. They are interrupted by Sonny, who has found proof that Heather had bad intentions towards Katy.

On cross, Barba manages to get Heather to admit she was jealous that Katy is a big star and she's nothing.

Heather is convicted. Meanwhile, while Sheila is coat shopping with Noah, a mysterious figure takes him. Benson gets a call from Sheila that Noah is gone.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 8 Quotes

Benson: So, Noah, you're having a good time with Grandma Sheila, huh?
Noah: Yeah. I wish I could meet Ellie.
Benson: I'm sorry, what?
Noah: Grandma Sheila told me about her.
Benson: What did Grandma Sheila say?
Noah: She said Ellie loved me so much.

Cop: You'd better hurry. The vic's thinking about leaving.
Rollins: Was she raped or not?
Cop: Depends what time you ask her.