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Two teenage girls are partying at a club in New York. They tell some creepy guy in a clown mask that they are 16 and that one of them, Haley, is a piano prodigy. Later that night, Haley disappears and her friend Jennie can't get in touch with her or find her.

At SVU there is also a clown as Fin's son and partner bring him a cake for his birthday.

When Haley can't be found, SVU is called in. Her parents come down from Beaver Falls, PA, where they live, and yell at her teacher Mr. Turner for not paying enough attention. Benson says that no one is to blame and they have to focus on finding Haley.

Mr. Turner finds a video in his spam of Haley looking scared while in the clown guy's car. The video shows a butcher shop in Brooklyn. The guy, Vinnie, works there.

SVU interviews Vinnie who says he didn't have sex with Haley because she was only 16. At his apartment they find Haley's blood.

In interrogation Vinnie doesn't say much of anything but SVU suggests maybe it was an accident, maybe Haley fell. He agrees, sort of.

Haley's dad wants to look Vinnie in the eye and beat him up and is angry that he is not allowed to do that. He says SVU is doing nothing and that Haley is still alive, he is sure of it. He goes to the media and offers a $50,000 reward. Rollins is annoyed but Benson says she's happy with any tips she can get.

Survelliance video shows Vinnie dumping something at 2 AM and the cops assume it's Haley's body since they have proof she was in his car and apartment. He is arrested.

Benson asks Stone what he is going to do. Stone is reluctant to pursue murder charges without a body but relents after seeing a news story about how Haley was a musical genius who began piano at the age of 5 and was winning international competitions by the age of 10.

In court, Haley's friend testifies that she never saw her again after she left with Vinnie. Defense asks no questions.

Chris testifies and cries about how much he loved Haley and how they butted heads because he was nothing but a garbage man but he loved her.  Defense attorney asks no questions but states there is no body.

In the hall, the Sadleys and James Turner are all nervous about the chances of winning this case. Stone says he can get a conviction. The jury was moved by Chris' testimony.

The next day, James disappears when he is supposed to testify. Rollins, Carisi and Fin drive to Beaver Falls to look for him while Stone goes to get a continuance.

James' wife talks about how taken he was with Haley. She gives the cops permission to search the music room and they find sexy photos of Haley and songs James wrote for her.

Chris is angry and wants to confront James.  He recalls the name of a friend of James in New York.

The cops talk to the friend, who is a big time musician who looks down on James but says he gave him a key to his house in Oyster Bay because he felt sorry for him. The cops visit the house and find James in bed with a very alive Haley. James is arrested. Haley screams she loves him.

In the car on the way back, Rollins tries to convince Haley that she was abused. James talks about how he is in love with Haley.

The parents are told to stay in a room while Benson talks to Haley but don't listen. The mother reveals that she had a one night stand with James 17 years ago where he said the same things to her and that Haley is his daughter! Chris punches James and is arrested.

Benson tells Stone it's rare, but this can happen, that genetics can lead to attraction when a father isn't aware a woman is his daughter. She hopes Stone isn't scared back to Chicago because of this case. Stone says he has to stay here because his sister has schizophrenia and he needs to visit her every week now that his dad is gone.

Stone goes to visit his sister, who doesn't recognize him and thinks he is his father.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 16 Quotes

Okay, look, she is sixteen years old. Best case scenario, she met a guy and lost track of time. Worst case scenario... let's not go there.


Well, we can't have that! What are you, 15?
Haley Sixteen. Sweet Sixteen.

Haley Oh! You're scaring me. Clown Mask Guy