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At Bayview, a doctor tells Stone his sister is having serious side effects from the meds she is on and that he has to make a decision: up the meds, or take her off them. Last time she was taken off the meds she attempted suicide. She doesn't know who Stone is, but he has power of attorney so he must decide.

At a family party, Nick Hunter and his mother are waiting anxiously for his wife Jules to get home. Jules calls, but Nick hears a man's voice on the phone. He says the man is threatening to kill Jules.

SVU is called to the scene. Nick says Jules was running errands with their four-year-old daughter Ruby.

SVU learns that Jules did not go to work that day and Ruby didn't go to daycare. They question Nick who claims there were no problems between him and his wife.  His mother interjects that she's sure a handyman who did shoddy work is to blame.

SVU questions the handyman, Jorge Garcia, and learns that Jules paid him despite her husband's objections. He says Nick was having an affair with some purple-haired college student and Jules was upset when he told her about it. Meanwhile, survelliance video shows that someone else parked Jules' car at 11:15 in the morning. 

Carisi checks out the car and finds blood and fingerprints on it, but Nick claims it was his car so of course his fingerprints are on it. Stone orders him sent to Rikers to get him to talk.

Meanwhile, Carisi realizes the car probably had a flat when the mysterious person parked it. He goes to a nearby mechanic, who says he saw the guy and give shim a credit card receipt. They find out the guy is a retired Marine. In addition, there is evidence Jules and Ruby are still alive: the suspect bought vegan kids' meals.

Carisi and Benson go to look for the suspect. Carisi tells a story of how his sister's long time boyfriend cheated on her. BEnson is distracted because they see the suspect pick up two little boys and a mother. They follow and see the mother and kids meet someone in a parking lot: Alex Cabot!

Benson confronts Cabot, who admits she makes abused women and children disappear. Benson is disappointed. She says Alex's behavior is illegal. Alex says she has to do this because the system doesn't work to protect these women. Benson asks to talk to Jules.

Jules tells Benson about horrendous abuse she suffered and that the last straw was when Nick poured coffee on her while she was sleeping. While she is talking to Benson, Ruby comes up and asks to go home. Benson doesn't know what to do. Cabot convinces her to ask Stone to lessen the charges to assault so that Nick won't be charged with murder when his family is still alive but they will be safe.

When Benson returns to the squad room, Stone has bad news for her: Nick was beat up in jail and is now suing the department and Benson personally for false arrest. Benson is deposed and Nick's attorney gets her to admit she spoke to Jules.

Cabot is angry and thinks Benson should have lied under oath. Benson wonders what happened to her. Cabot says after 12 years she realized the system was not doing anything for anyone and that she had to go outside the law to protect women. She tells Jules they have to leave. Benson tells Jules the truth and says they are going to court to fight for custody.

In court, Cabot questions Jules and she testifies to the abuse, including Nick throwing a remote at Ruby's head. Nick's lawyer suggests Jules made up the whole thing in order to get custody.

Cabot and Benson go to dinner and Cabot is excited and sure they will win the case. Benson says she can tell Cabot misses being in court. But then Benson gets a phone call.

Carisi has been badly hurt in a car accident while following Jules to make sure was safe. Jules was killed in the same accident.

Cabot is angry when she learns this news. She blames Benson for Jules' death. Benson says she did what she had to do and that Nick still had Constitutional rights even though he was abusing Jules. Rollins interrupts. They have evidence the accident was no accident. Cabot tells Benson to get Nick.

Later, Stone and Benson talk. Benson says that Nick has an alibi for the time of the accident and they are trying to prove he ordered the hit on Jules but she isn't hopeful. Stone says that tomorrow they will get up and do this all over again with someone else.

Benson meets Cabot, who says she is helping another woman. Benson doesn't want to know. Benson is upset about the lack of justice in this case. Cabot says this is what she's been saying. Cabot asks if they can work together, but Benson says she can't do what Cabot is doing. They hug.

Stone goes to see his sister. The doctor says he made the right choice about her medication and that if he had made the opposite choice, it still would have been right -- the only bad choice is no choice at all.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 18 Quotes

Doctor: It's called tachycardia dyspensia. It's a side effect of long-term anti-psychotic use. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes increasing the dosage can help.
Peter: What about taking her off the medication altogether?
Doctor: We could do that, but your sister is severely psychotic. Last time she went off her meds, she attempted suicide.
Peter: Whatever you think is best.
Doctor: I can't make this decision for you. Your father gave you the power of attorney to make decisions like this.

Carisi: Did you recognize the voice?
Man: After 10 years of marriage, I think I know my wife's voice.
Carisi: No, I meant the male voice.