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There are a bunch of 911 calls. Finally a woman answers one from a child who says someone is trying to kill her dad. It sounds like the father is killed while she is on the line.

Benson and Carisi take the call. A father was stabbed to death in front of the two kids. The younger daughter wants to be with her dad.

Rollins comes to the hospital. Benson is worried about her going into labor. She says she's better off in the hospital. Benson fills her in on how the girls have no family. They go to interview Laura, the younger girl, who has genital trauma. She says a guy broke in and held her at knifepoint. She can't finish the story. Benson encourages her to talk. She says he kissed her and put his fingers inside her and she couldn't move, and then her dad came home.

Brittany says Dad told them to run when he got home and the man tried to attack him. She feels guilty about not trying to save him.She saw the father's body a little while later. Benson tries to comfort her.

The ME says this story doesn't add up. The father was extremely drunk and there are no defensive wounds. The lab evidence shows he got drunk at home.  Window was broken from the inside.

The girls are brought back in. Benson wants to talk to Brittany alone. Brittany says her dad likes to go to bars. Benson and Rollins confront her about those lies. Brittany says they're calling her a liar. Benson says they're trying to find out what happened. Brittany confesses that her dad was raping her sister so she killed him.

Benson gets someone to represent Brittany. Rollins asks Brittany about when Laura told her she was being abused. BRittany says it starts a few weeks ago.  Laura says it started in January and only a few times, on Thursdays before BRittany came home. Brittany says Laura told her the dad went into her room at night when he was drunk. She feels guilty about telling Brittany.WHen she's asked if she told anyone else she says she told Brittany. She says she told a neighbor after New Year's.

The girls are in ACS custody. Benson fills in Fin. They go to talk to Greg, the neighbor. Greg seems shocked that Laura says her dad sexually abused her. He says Laura said she was upset and didn't want to live at home anymore but he didn't realize that was what she meant.

Stone says they are not charging Britanny as an adult. There is no evidence of the rape yet.  Fin comes in and says Doug was always at a staff meeting on Thursday afternoons and was not home to abuse Laura.

Rollins is disgusted by her lunch. Carisi gets a call from Benson. Just then Rollins goes into labor. Carisi takes her to the hospital, where a nurse assumes Carisi is the father. The nurse leaves before Rollins can ask her about the epidural. She tells Carisi not to leave her. Just then Al shows up and wants to know why he wasn't called. He tries to push Carisi out. He starts controlling everything and says he wants to marry her before the baby comes. Rollins wants Carisi to stay. 

Fin updates Benson. Rollins is thinking about the proposal. Benson says um okay, what about Britanny? Turns out Greg is the girls' legal guardian and the girls have been barred from answering any more questions. In court, Fin confronts Greg who says he didn't know until after Fin left. Greg's lawyer stops the cops from talking to Greg or the girls. Later, Stone says they have to challenge the guardianship.

Fin discovers the deed was forged -- Britney's middle name was missspelled on it. They talk to an attorney and discover that Greg posed as Doug.

The cops take the girls but Laura runs from Benson and refuses to leave Greg. She says she loves him and she's staying. Benson takes them anyway and Greg is handcuffed.

Rollins says to Carisi on the phone that she can Facetime in, but Carisi won't let her. She tells Al she needs to get back to work. Al says he hopes she'll quit so he can take care of her. She tells him she can't marry him because she doesn't love him. He looks shocked, then says okay. He says he's used to disappointment. He's grateful they made a baby together. 

Greg's lawyer says there was a reason for the fraud. Greg claims Doug said he was going to kill himself and obviously he was consumed with guilt. He tried to get him help but he wouldn't. Carisi says Greg made things worse. FIn asks him about Laura. Greg says it's not romantic. He says he's in love with his girlfriend. He is charged with kidnapping and endangering a minor in addition to fraud and forgery. Benson tells the cops that they can't get a conviction without the girls' cooperation.
Greg's girlfriend says Greg told her about Doug abusing Laura a couple weeks ago. She insists the girls need him. He's been there for them. He made them dinner, listened to their problems, etc. She says they're reading Shakespeare together. There's a copy of Romeo and Juliet signed by Greg to Laura.
Benson goes to talk to Laura, who is reading Shakespeare. Laura claims to be grown up. BEnson asks her about Greg. She says she loves him like a brother. Benson asks her about the inscription. Laura says she's a real woman since her mom kiled herself. Benson tells her that Greg said it was a schoolgirl crush. Laura doesn't believe her. She goes on about how she and Greg are starcrossed lovers. Benson tells her that she knows that it was Greg who had sex with her. Laura cries that she won't betray him. Benson tells her that Greg said he was in love with Susan. Laura says Benson doesn't know.  Benson doesn't have a ring on her finger. She has one. They're getting married as soon as she turns 18.
Britney won't believe Benson about Greg. She says that Laura told her about the abuse. Benson asks her about Thursday afternoons. Britney still denies it. She says she doesn't know if Susan was there. Benson tells her about the proposal. Britney says that Laura told her that they were going to live with Greg and was super happy. She realizes the truth. What did she do? Benson reassures her that it is no one's fault but Greg's. 
Greg meets Britney at a diner. She says Laura won't stop crying and she's scared she's going to kill herself like her mom or like Juliet. Greg asks what did Laura tell you? The cops watch nervously. Britney talks about the ring and asks if Greg asked Laura to marry him? He denies it and says Laura lives in a fantasy world. He takes Britney's hands and says they will all live together. Britney asks about the baby and says she thinks Laura's pregnant, which is apparently not part of the plan. Benson decides not to stop it. Greg is confused. Britney says they need to get Laura to a doctor for a paternity test. She says sisters don't have secrets. Greg says he loves Laura and this is for the best. Britney loses it and yells at him I killed my father for you and stabs him with a knife. Benson disarms her and holds her while FIn arrests Greg. 
Stone says mandatory counseling for the girls. Benson doesn't think that will help much. But Rollins had her baby! The baby is named Billie. Benson comes with a baby basket. Rollins says she is here with her family.
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 13 Quotes

Leah: You have to help my little sister.
Benson: We will. The ambulance is going to take you to the hospital as soon as it gets here, okay?
Laura: I just want to go home and be with my daddy.
Leah: Daddy's dead. Tell her.

Cop: They have to see their father's dead body. You deal with kids like this all the time. I don't know how you do it.
Carisi: Sometimes, neither do I.