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At a party, some guy wants to see what some woman looks like underneath her dress. He says she's hot and they start making out. He freezes suddenly and realizes she's underage.

Benson is anxious about Miller. Fin says there's no way he can get at her. Benson wishes she shot Miller. Fin says Stone is there to talk to her.

Stone has bad news: Feds dropped the charges against Miller. Nikki refuses to admit the rape is rape so there's no case anymore.

Benson comes to see Nikki. Nikki says Miller killed their dog. She doesn't understand why since Miller knows she wasn't going to testify. Benson needs her to testify. Nikki refuses. Benson says talk to me about the underage girls, that's why Miller stole your phone. Benson wants to know what Miller was afraid of. Nikki claims attorney-client privilege.

Benson wants to investigate Miller further. Miller has intimidated everyone out of testifying. Benson is upset. Meanwhile they've found a body at the Hudsom River. Every bone in her body broken, she was thrown into the river somehow.

Benson tells Rollins Noah is enjoying going to school in a police car but the school isn't happy. Rollins wonders if she's overreacting. Anyway, the dead girl had drugs in her system and semen from two guys.

The ME has a report for them. Rollins keeps being negative. But the girl had an unusual vision problem so maybe they can find something related to her contact lenses.

Rollins has ID'd the girl. She's 16, parents might not even know she's missing. They ring the doorbell. The father hopes they found his daughter. Rob Miller is there for some reason. Apparently he has been the family attorney for 10 years. Benson and Miller stare at each other. 

The parents knew Lindsey was missing but didn't call the police because they assumed she was at a party when they found out she was lying about staying at her friend's. They called Miller in case they needed to hire a private detective. Benson makes the notification. The parents are upset. Miller says he will get them access to her phone and social media. Father asks where the body is. Mother cries.

Benson says she'll meet the other cops outside. Miller tells Benson this is awkward. Benson asks if the parents know Miller is a criminal. He claims Benson is just upset he didn't want to go on a date with her. Benson threatens him then leaves.

Carisi and Rollins talk to Brooke, Lindsey's friend. She doesn't want to talk about what happened at the party. Rolins tells her it isn't her fault. Brooke finally says there were men there, treated them like adults and it was exciting. She hopes no one tells her parents

Fin finds out where Lindsey's phone was when it died. Benson thinks it's a long shot but she wants Fin to show Brooke photos from the underage parties they're trying to connect to Miller. She gets very scared when she sees a photo of Miller but says she thinks she saw him on TV. She recognizes the guy from the Italian exchange student story.

Alex claims he didn't have sex with Lindsey or her friend.  He gets nervous when he sees a photo of Miller.  Carisi says Alex has to tell them what he knows in order for them to help him. He says maybe he saw him at that party at the Hamptons.

Olivia goes to pick up Noah at school and finds someone else picked him up. She calls Rollins and fortunately, Noah is right there with Rollins. She says don't let Noah out of your sight. Benson turns around and there's Miller. He tells her to drop the case.

Benson's theory is Miller ran into Lindsey and panicked because he thought she could ID him. Stone is skeptical. Benson is sure Miller made a mistake somewhere. Stone doesn't see it. Benson calls him into her office.

Stone says he is not on Miller's side. Benson says Benson threatened her and told her to drop the case. Stone says when were you going to tell me this? He says that now Miller's lawyer will claim she has a personal vendetta against him. Benson says Miller is a criminal and they have nothing, he's going to get away with it.

Nikki is in a parking garage. Stone meets her there. She says she's only here because he said he wouldn't ask her to testify. He wants Miller behind bars. He says they will break a couple of rules to do it.

Nikki gets money from the bank. Stone is watching. He then goes on a stakeout. He watches Fin arrest some guy.

Rollins calls Brooke into her office and Stone takes her phone.

Stone gets an arrest warrant and Miller is arrested in front of Lindsey's parents.

Benson doesn't like that Stone is keeping her in the dark. He says all she needs to know is that he's going to get Miller.

Brooke testifies. She claims she never met Miller and denies being in the same restaurant  as him or getting a $9500 cash deposit. Stone treats her as hostile. Miller's attorney asks her if she met Miller or he gave her $9500 and she says no.

A club official claims a guy was looking for Miller. He came in with an envelope and left without one. Miller's attorney asks if the guy saw anything. The guy says no.

Fin testifies. He says the guy he arrested was selling fentanyl. Miller's attorney accuses Stone of subjourning perjury then calls Nikki to the stand.

Miller gets Nikki to say she deposited $9,500 into Brooke Davis' account. She says she was trying to frame Miller. Nikki looks at Stone. Stone asks why she would do this. She says Miller was threatening her and is evil. Stone plays a recording. He asks if Nikki is scared. She says he killed Lindsey. Stone says she was so scared she risked her career and her freedom to get rid of him. Nikki says she has a daughter. Miller would be a threat to her for the rest of her life.

Miller decides to confront Benson. He says that people who screw with him don't have happy endings. He says he has power and Benson will be sorry. FIn shows up and Miller tells him not to touch him.He leaves.

Benson confronts Nikki. She says she would never agree to this. She is shocked that Stone knew about this. Nikki says this was Stone's idea.  She doesn't care about her career. She says there are times when you whisper that the law is not good enough.Benson says she's not part of this. Nikki says she is.

Miller is found guilty of murder. He is shocked. Benson is in the courtroom. Miller starts yelling at Stone. Benson looks at Stone. Stone is glad for justice but Benson is upset.

Stone says she became more important to him than the case and that's not him. He says he has to look at a case through clear eyes so he is quitting. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 24 Quotes

Every bone in her body broken, her organs liquefied... this girl fell out of the sky.


Benson: What was Miller afraid of? Tell me.
Nikki: I can't! Attorney-client privilege, ever heard of it?