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A bunch of kids are getting drunk and playing poker. A girl looks uncomfortable. It appears to be a strip poker game. One girl, Amelia, is encouraged to take her bra off and runs away instead. She takes a cab. The driver can tell she's upset. The cab driver suddenly knocks her out and goes somewhere other than where she asked to go.

Amelia tells Benson she thought the cab driver just made a mistake but then he beat her up, All of a sudden she starts talking in Italian but gets upset when Benson responds to her in Italian.

Doc at ER says Amelia was not drugged but was highly intoxicated. The cops meet Amelia's exchange family at the hospital. Her sister gets a phone call and leaves. Rollins takes the rest of the family out while Benson talks to Amelia. Amelia says she was palying strip poker but it wasn't like that.

The exchange family, especially the father, is defensive to Rollins' questions.

Sonny knows the area that Amelia is from. His aunt is from there. Amanda tells him she has more of an accent than Amelia does.

Fin and Carisi talk to Tommy. Tommy doesn't like Richard.

Amanda finds that the cab company has no records of any pick ups and that the cab came awfully fast. They get an address for the bad guy and find Lara there.

Lara claims she got Amelia's phone by accident. They find the name of the man who raped Amelia.

Oscar is quickly arrested and just as quickly pleads guilty. Richard thanks Benson profusely and leaves with Amelia. But Rollins has videos of Amelia with a bunch of older men having sex.

Benson talks to Amelia who says she feels weird at school but hasn't called the therapist yet. Benson asks her about the video. Amelia says she doesn't know what she is talking about until she threatens to tell Richard about it. Amelia says she met a man online when she first got here. She says it was just once. Benson tells her what the men did is illegal. Amelia insists the sex was consensual. It was at the Harper hotel. If Richard finds out he'll send her home. 

Rollins finds out the guy in the video is Alan Kay, a developer. Rollins and Fin go to talk to him. 

Kay denies being the man in the video. He is arrested anyway. Rollins sound finds out Lara filmed the video. Lara claims Amelia invited herself to this party and was into it.She says Amelia wanted the video and if Richard ever found out he'd send her home. Carisi and Rollins go to see the host parents. Mary says Richard is a quant trader. Rollins goes into the kitchen with her while Carisi wanders around

Mary can't have children of her own. Amelia is their 9th exchange student. Rollins suggests Amelia is hiding something. Mary gets weird. 

Carisi says it's strange that there are no bedroom doors in the apartment. Something doesn't add up.

Benson talks to Amelia, who says her father is in jail in Italy and calls herself a slut over and over. Amelia eventually admits that her father sexually abused her. Lara tells Rollins a similar story. They were both abused at the age of 4. Richard wanted another student, thank God. She says Richard realized what had happened. Lara gets nervous about the lack of doors and says there is a decorator replacing the doors.

Amelia says Richard paid for her to come to Lara's graduation. Lara didn't want their mother there. She never went home. Richard said she was too young to go home for the trial. He went back with Lara and then brought her back here.

Later, Benson looks at the transcript. Lara used the exact same words as Amelia when testifying in court. Benson thinks they were coached. They think Richard coached them. One of Richard's old students is a translator at the UN.

Fin talks to the woman. She says Richard gave a lot of parties and had porn videos from a previous student. 

Benson invites Amelia to her apartment. Amelia says she has nothing else to say. Benson asks Amelia again what her father did to her. She says she promises after this she won't bother her again. She says the same speech again, word for word what Lara said. Benson says she doesn't think this is real. Benson thinks Amelia has been brainwashed by Richard. She shows her photos of Amelia as a child with her parents. Amelia admits she doesn't remember being molested by her father. She says Lara said so. Richard proved it. She doesn't want to talk about it. He proved it with his fingers.

The cops come to the apartment. Mary has been beat up. Richard is looking at a building he sold. He says he loves all his exchange students. All different and beautiful. He insists what he did wasn't dirty, it was beautiful. Sonny asks Richard what age he was when he was abused. Mary overhears. Mary tries to stop them from arresting Richard. He runs away and jumps off a balcony.

Mary says, against her lawyer's advice, that Richard made her watch him raping the girls. She was scared he would leave if she turned him in. Benson gets a call and runs to the apartment. Amelia says Lara took a buch of pills. Lara is crying that she loved Richard and they killed him. Lara insists that Richard loved her. Lara passes out. The EMTS come. Amelia is sobbing.

Fin says that the mother is coming and Lara's stomach has been pumped.

Lara's in Bellevue. The mother comes. Lara isn't sure she can do this.  The mother comes in and hugs her. Amelia joins them.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 21 Quotes

Benson: Can you tell me where you were before you took the cab?
Amelia: I was at a party at my friend Tommy Burke's house, but he didn't do anything.

Woman: She was raped, right?
Fin: What makes you say that?
Woman: I saw the bra and panties next to her.