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In the library, some guy is leading a reading group. Afterwards he brings his dog to a girl to be watched for a few days.Later the dog insists on going into an empty apartment and the woman finds the owner with a plastic bag over his head.

Carisi has to take the case because Rollins' daughter has the flu. The cops say it's a suicide but there are a bunch of photos on the floor of children's bodies and the words "I'm sorry."

SVU investigates and is looking for the IDs of the kids in the photos. All Polaroids so there's no digital footprint. But Mikah worked in a bookstore. Carisi gets the names of the book club participants and Rollins talks to a parent. Two parents say the kids in the photos aren't there but one father is afraid his kid was abused anyway. Mikah's parents come in and the father verbally assaults them.

Benson fills in the parents who say that Mikah was depressed. Mr. Fuller wants to see the photos. He says his son was a victim too. Benson reluctantly turns over the photos. The mother says all the photos were of Mikah as a child and want to know who took them. Benson wants to start with the girlfriend.

Rollins and Benson talk to Helen, who says Mikah didn't want to have sex and told her he was molested. She broke up with him because they couldn't have sex. She gives them the name of a friend.

Billy had got an email from Mikah but not read it yet. It is a suicide note. He feels guilty, maybe he could have saved him. Fin asks Billy what Micah did as a kid. Billy realizes that the Gary in the note was a guy who taught Mikah magic. Mikah gave up magic tricks all of a sudden after he met him.

The team recovers Micah's Youtube videos. They watch the last one and see a poster on the wall for the Gray Rabbit.

The cops go to see Gary who thinks they're here about shoplifting. Gary denies recognizing Micah and walks away Gary had a lot of Polaroids and says his camera is broken. He still denies knowing anything but is visibly nervous.

SVU wants to get a warrant but Stone says he needs proof that Gary molested Micah. The Polaroids were in Micah's apartment so they don't count.

Benson goes to see the Fullers. She asks them about Micah's behavior as a teenager. She says they are trying to pinpoint when he was molested. The mother says she wouldn't have overlooked something like that. The father says once when she was out of town Micah spilled bleach on his genitals. He never told his wife.

The cops get their warrant somehow. They look at a photo of youth on a baseball team. One of the kids in it was Cassidy, who Benson goes to see.

Cassidy says he doesn't remember anything. His much younger neighbor Madison shows up and puts an end to that conversation.

Stone says he needs an alive victim to press charges against Dolan. Benson tells him about Cassidy but says he doesn't remember anything. She goes and Stone calls Cassidy and leaves a voicemail.

Stone spies on Gary as he goes into his apartment. Cassidy shows up too and has a gun. Cassidy yells at Stone that Gary molested him and now he's gonna kill him. Stone grabs him and tells him to stop. He tells him it's not gonna happen like this.

Stone takes Cassidy to a bar. Cassidy says he thought Dolan was in Jacksonville and didn't know he was back in town. He doesn't want to testify in open court. Stone says it's not his fault. Cassidy says he's damaged goods and he sees it every time he looks in the mirror. Stone thinks Cassidy should talk to Benson. Cassidy doesn't want Benson to know, she's the only person who's ever seen any good in him so Stone has to find another way.

Stone offers 3 - 9 years. Gary says he is a scapegoat who had nothing to do with anything. Stone gets mad and says he's gonna bury Gary.. Rollins realizes Cassidy is a victim.

Cassidy goes to see Stone. He says he has some other victims from a long time ago, maybe they can go on a road trip to see them.

The first witness accuses them of being homophobic and thinking gay men must have been molested. The guy's partner is upset by the photo of Micah. Cassidy tries to make a connection. The guy asks if Cassidy got into Gary's station wagon. Anyway he's not testifying. His partner tries to talk him out of it. He says he doesn't have to listen to this and walks out.

Next they go to see a friend of Cassidy's on Rhode Island who works in a warehouse. They go in private. He says he never had anything weird with Coach Gary. He claims he got bored with the team and says he gotta go back to work. Cassidy compliments him on his kid and says he knows about his rap sheet and he's sure he's drinking. Cassidy pushes anyway. He says come to our hotel if you want to have a drink and talk.

Cassidy asks if Stone thinks he's a hypocrite. Cassidy says he does. Stone asks him what he's afraid of. Cassidy says he told one person before him, a kid in high school who gave him a disapproving look. Cassidy says Stone had the same look in his eyes last year. Stone said he was new to SVU and didn't know how to handle it. Cassidy says all the guys he work with are like that. He has to live and work in New York.

Leo shows up. He says he saw his son's drawing on the fridge. He said if his son had killed himself and someone out there knew the truth he'd want that person to come forward. So yeah, Gary molested him and he'll testify.

Stone brings Leo to see Benson. Rollins takes Leo b ack to have a seat. Stone says he made a lot of phone calls. Benson tells Rollins she called the  Youth League and couldn't get the roster. She tells Rollins to talk to Leo. She goes and arrests Gary and says she doesn't give up.

Benson catches up with Cassidy who says he's going out of town. Benson says why didn't you tell me? He wants her to let it go. He says he's not one of her survivors, he's a cop, her pep talks won't work on him. She says it's not about her case. She's scared that if he doesn't deal with it one day she'll get a call that he's the one who committed suicide.

Rollins asks Benson if she roughed Dolan up. Benson is upset that Cassidy told Stone instead of her. Rollins says Cassidy is a victim and it's not Benson's job to take care of him.

Leo testifies about being 11 or 12 and Gary gave him vodka and molested him. Leo breaks down in tears while testifying. He says it happened again and again for a month and then he quit the team. He says Gary gave him a camera and told him to take pictures of himself in his underwear. He never told anyone because he was too ashamed.

Defense attorney asks him about his DUIs etc. She asks if he drank before coming to court today. He admits he had a couple shots. The defense attorney says he is too drunk to testify. The judge agrees and strikes the testimony from the record.

Micah's parents are upset. Benson tells them to get coffee and she'll join them in a minute. She gives Gary the look of death. Stone says he has no case now. Cassidy decides this is a good time to confront Gary. Benson manages to stop him. The defense attorney accuses Stone of setting this up. Benson tells Cassidy the judge threw out Leo's testimony. If Cassidy wants to make him pay, get on the stand. Cassidy says what if they throw my testimony out too? Benson says that doesn't matter. This is about facing his demons. She says his dad would be proud of him just like she is. She says he's come so far. Cassidy says okay. He goes with Stone.

Cassidy testifies but mumbles and can't be heard. The judge tells him to speak up. He freezes then says he was a victim. Benson smiles at him encouragingly and nods at him as the credits roll.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 16 Quotes

Mrs. Fuller: These photos are all of Mikah.
Mr. Fuller: Who the hell took them?
Mrs. Fuller: Does this mean he was molested?
Mr. Fuller: Of course that's what it means.

Benson: So if this is a suicide, why are we here?
Cop: Because of these photos. [Shows Benson the photos]
Carisi: Micah was a pedophile?
Cop: Looks like it finally caught up with him.
Benson: He may be dead, but his victims aren't.