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Benson and Carisi are chasing a suspect. Benson seems out of breath but insists she's fine. Carisi catches suspect, holds him at gunpoint. Suspect claims he raped someone as he is ordered onto the ground.

Stone is shirtless, in bed with some woman who asks if he wants eggs. Another woman comes in, wearing a bra and panties and says flirtatiously she's a vegan.

Rollins is at lunch with someone who says he's off-duty as of right now. Guy claims to be done with hookers and hurting her. Rollins seems to have trouble believing that. She goes to the bathroom. When she comes out she sees her guy showing the waitress something on his phone.

Some kid has a gun and another kid is pushing him to shoot it. He keeps saying he can't. The kid can't shoot a rabbit. He gets upset when his friend does. His friend orders him to finish the job. The kid said he couldn't. The kid apologizes to his dad, who says the animal is suffering and that he will learn.

Later, Rollins and Carisi are called to the scene by a teacher at a high school who says a kid, Sam, has blood on his backside and it seemed suspicious. It's the kid from the last scene. He insists he just fell. Rollins and Carisi try to interview his brother, Brian, who says Sam didn't do anything wrong. The mom comes and Sam insists he's fine.

Sam still isn't talking at the hospital and tells Carisi he needed this to happen and that it's his business. Carisi gives him a card just as the parents show up and take him away. Later it seems the parents are perfect and no problems there, but Carisi tells Benson what Sam said.

Benson video chats with Noah who tells her about his baseball game. He wishes she was there with him. 

Rollins says that Sam's girlfriend is on her way to talk to the detectives. Benson didn't know he had a girlfriend. Rollins seems upset but is saved by the girlfriend's appearance from having to talk to Benson about it.

Girlfriend says she's not a girlfriend, no sex. Anyway she's mad at Sam. He called her drunk last night and said he became a man.

Rollins and Carisi visit bartender who says Sam was with some older guy who had his arm around him. They find out it's some guy who does yoga. They catch up with him. Guy claims he didn't know Sam was 15 (haven't any of these people heard of asking for a lawyer before spouting off?)

Guy says that the kid was upset and crying, didn't want to go home, upset about a rabbit during a hunting trip, worried about his brother. Then finally demands a lawyer.

Fin tries to talk to Brian who says only that Sam isn't gay and he didn't do it. He gets upset and runs off when Fin asks about the rabbit.

Rollins says call CPS, Benson says without Sam's cooperation that won't go anywhere. Benson can tell Rollins is upset and says she can't make her talk to her but wants to know what's up. Rollins says she's pregnant. Benson congratulates her but sees she's not happy. Carisi interrupts. Brian and Sam got into a fight. Brian is yelling at Sam to be quiet when they get there. He tries to run. Benson accidentally knocks a kid off a bike and seriously hurts him. 

Stone is shocked. Kid doesn't want a lawyer, wants to call his dad. Fin suggests he doesn't want his dad to know about this. Rollins takes over the questioning.

Brian says he would never hurt Sam. Rollins and Fin think he raped Sam to punish him for not shooting the rabbit.

Mom says the boys love each other and wouldn't hurt each other. Father shows up. He says Sam is gay and met some guy on a trip and they were going to go to family counseling.  Sam refuses to give any info about the guy he supposedly slept with. The father won't let him answer questions and says being gay isn't a crime.

Benson and Stone both want Sam away from Brian. Benson has called CPS. She says she wants to talk to the mother.

At first Molly denies everything, then tells them that her husband raped Sam and told her to keep it quiet. Her husband comes home and is arrested.

Husband denies everything, is angry, says his wife is impressionable and just says whatever anyone tells her to say. Lawyer says the bloody underwear isn't proof of anything.

Carisi tries to get Sam to talk at the baseball field. Sam also denies everything. Carisi tries to tell him that his relationship with his own dad was a mess. Sam says just because Carisi is screwed up doesn't mean everyone is. He runs off.

Stone and Benson talk. Stone is upset about there being such evil in the world. Benson offers to talk to him about Pam. He says Pam is dead and it doesn't matter.

They go to trial. Defense counsel gets Molly's testimony excluded on the grounds she is married to the defendant.

Carisi finds Stone in the bar. Stone says he has an idea. He leaves and Carisi picks up the tab and sees he has been drinking a lot.

Fin tells Benson the woman on the bike has been released from the hospital. Benson feels guilty about having gotten winded and not been able to catch Brian. It's her fault the woman got hurt. Fin tells her they're not young anymore and it happens.

Stone claims in court that Molly tampered with evidence by lying about what happened to Sam. She's an unindicted co-conspirator. Judge says she can testify.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 1 Quotes

Man: I know that I hurt you. And that business with the escorts --
Rollins: Hookers.
Man: Right. Well, on that I can assure you that I've changed.

Carisi: Don't make me shoot.
Suspect: Fine! I raped that bitch, okay?