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Stone argues for remand successfully in a rape case. He rejects Carisi's offer of a beer but some woman comes up to him and says she knows him from the Cubs and invites him for a drink.

Rollins is out to dinner with Al. He orders every dessert on the menu and then proposes to her.

At the bar some woman comes up to Stone. He has no idea who she is. She slaps him and says he raped her.

Stone awakens on Fin's couch. He barely remembers getting there.Fin says Stone was messed up and said he was accused of rape. Stone tells him the story. 12 years ago he got drunk, took some woman to his hotel room, next day he tried to call her and she said leave him alone or she'll call the cops.  He never heard anything again. Fin says he'd better not be lying.

Rollins and Benson discuss the current case, involving a girl who was too intoxicated to consent.

Stone and Fin interview a friend of Stone's who was involved. The guy says he remembers everything. He married the woman he was with. They ID the other woman as Sarah Kent. Fin goes to interview her, asking Stone if he's sure he wants this. Stone says yes but don't tell Liv.

Sarah lies to her husband when Fin comes to the door. She says she knows Stone and doesn't ever want to hear that name again. She apparently is married and has a child.

Rollins is eating leftovers when Carisi comes in the break room. He asks how things are going with Al. He doesn't like her thinking about being with Al.

Stone has a hard time with the case he's prosecuting because it's similar to his. Benson asks what's going on. He says he's just tired.

On the stand the girl says she didn't consent to sex. The defendant interrupts. Defense attorney says victim consented to drinks but doesn't remember what happened in the hotel room? Girl says Roger Madden raped her. She's here to face her accuser.

Stone goes to Benson and tells her what's going on. He says he is sure he didn't rape anyone. Benson says she believes him but she has to hear the girl's side of the story. Stone says he wants the truth too.  He's asking her to open an investigation.

Fin says everyone is looking at the past through a different prism because of the times. Carisi thinks Stone is innocent. Rollins doesn't like the boys' club attitude. Carisi says what sucks is that even if a busload of nuns said Stone was elsewhere he would have doubts now.

The victim doesn't want to talk to Benson about the rape. She doesn't remember anything, why can't you go away? Sarah's husband comes home and she tries to explain what's going on. Sarah apologizes and Gary wants to press charges. She wants to drop it.  Gary wants to put the SOB in jail forever.

Rollins talks to Carisi. He believes Stone and doesn't think he has that right. Rollins says she's not moving in with Al. Carisi says not to listen to him, do what's right for you.

Sarah says she was going through a rough patch with her husband and he was away playing golf. Stone was nice and they were having fun She and a few other girls went to Stone's hotel room. She kissed Peter and then he became different, not as nice. She doesn't remember anything but Stone. She says she must have passed out and she woke up and she was naked and she knew she had had sex that she didn't say yes. Peter was on the bed with her. She didn't want to have sex, she didn't want to cheat on Gary. Her husband and her are happy now.

Gary feels guilty and blames himself. He was golfing, he didn't protect her. He says Sarah would never cheat on him.

Fin asks Benson if she's okay. Does she want him to do it?

Benson and Fin come into Stone's office. They tell him that Gary wants to press charges. Benson says Sarah's story is credible.

Benson says she has no choice but to arrest Peter. Stone says he is a lawyer and doesn't need one. He walks out. Benson and Fin follow.

Carisi says Stone was released ROR. Benson tells Carisi they don't get to choose who they investigate. She says Sarah had all the psychological signs of rape. Carisi says that the husband seems to have no idea they were going through a rough patch.

Gary tries to bother Stone at a bar. Gary says that ball players do this. Stone tries to leave and Gary won't let him. Gary tells Stone how he met Sarah in college and was turned on by her  ponytail. The bartender tries to kick the guy out. Gary pulls a gun and holds it on Stone. Stone insists he's not a rapist.  Gary cries about how he didn't protect her that night. Stone tells him to be smart. Gary wants revenge. The phone rings and he says it's the cops. He says Gary doesn't want a SWAT team.

Outside, Benson tries to get the situation under control. Sarah and her daughter show up. Sarah is upset. Daughter says Daddy would never hurt anyone.  Benson convinces the borough commander to let Sarah call Gary. Gary is about to shoot Stone when the phone rings. It's Sarah. She wants to talk to Gary.

Gary wants to know why Sarah is here. Benson coaches Sarah to say she loves Gary and doesn't want him to hurt anyone. She puts their daughter on to say she loves him.  He won't talk to the daughter. Gary says he has to go. He makes Stone hang up the phone. 

Sarah tells Benson Gary hung up. Emma cries.

Stone tells Gary that his wife and daughter need him. Gary raises the gun. The next second Gary comes out with his hands up and is arrested.

Fin tells Benson Gary's gun wasn't loaded. She says Stone isn't pressing charges. Fin says Stone could be going to prison. Benson gets a call from the Health Department with Emma's date of birth. Benson goes to see Sarah. She says Emma was born 8 1/2 months after the assault. She asks Sarah what happened. She says she, Wanda, and Reggie went to Peter's hotel room. Wanda left and Sarah woke up alone in the bed with Peter. She wanted that night to disappear and then she got pregnant. Benson asked if Sarah ever had a DNA test. She says, no, Gary wanted a baby so bad. She says it had to have been Peter because he was in the room with her when she woke up.

Benson talks to Reggie. She says Stone is going to go to prison unless Reggie backs Stone's story. All he has to do is say he heard Sarah consent. She says unfortunately without Reggie lying for him, Stone will lose. Reggie says why not? Now they just have to wait for the DNA test to find out who Emma's father is. Reggie says, You know? Benson says she knows what a guy who would lie in a rape case thinks about women. Reggie says Sarah was all over him, he didn't rape her.  She arrests Reggie. 

Benson tells Stone the charges against him are dropped and Reggie is seeking a deal. Stone blames himself because he took Sarah to his hotel room. Benson says he couldn't know. Anyway, DNA shows Gary is the father. Benson is sorry for everything for Stone went through, especially if he thought she doubted him. Stone says don't be, this is why I work with you. He admits he doubted himself for a minute. He walks off.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 9 Quotes

Al: I want to ask you something. Commitment I've never made before.
Rollins: When I said I was happy -
Al: Hear me out, will you? Amanda Rollins, will you... go ahead and open it.
[Rollins opens box]
Rollins: A key?
Al: Will you move in with me?

Man: This is ridiculous. We were both drunk.
Judge: That is enough. Mr. Stone, I'm granting your request for remand.
Defendant: What does that mean?
Judge: It means you're going to jail, sir.