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Some guy is impatient while waiting for a spot. Someone takes it as he is about to pull into it. The two drivers get into a fight. The cops show up and guy #2 disappears. THe cops search the other guy's car and find a child in the trunk. The child screams DADDY as the cop picks her up. 

Doctor talks to SVU. No signs of penetration/sexual abuse. The little girl asks Olivia if she is a doctor too. She says she doesn't want to go to jail when Olivia says she's a police officer. Olivia asks her what happened. Bailey says that she was waiting for her dad and this man gave her a candy apple and said he was a friend of her daddy. He put her in the car. They went to his house and took off their clothes and took a nap. 

No leads on who this guy is. The fathers tell Rollins they used a surrogate named Paige to conceive Bailey.

The surrogate says she was prepared for this. The surrogate gets nervous when the cops ask about her boyfriend. She doesn't want to show them her phone. They convince her to. She has photos of Bailey on her phone and is arrested. Finn calls. The suspect is holding a bodega owner hostage after the guy called the cops. Olivia takes care of that by going into the store and subduing the suspect.

The suspect says he stole a car with a kid in it. He says he's too stupid to kidnap anyone.

Paige denies taking Bailey. Rollins says these photos were taken the day Bailey was kidnapped. Paige says she just likes looking at Bailey. She says she needed money for tuition so she became a surrogate.

Bailey doesn't ID anyone. But a photo Paige took accidentally got a suspect -- a guy with a yellow scarf.

The cops go through some trash and find a parking garage ticket from two days ago. They question a valet who says the stamp is from a puppet theatre.

Carisi has no patience with a ventriloquist at the puppet shop, who gives him an address.

The cops talk to the new suspect's mother. She says someone stole his car. Emmett comes in. He runs away when Carisi mentions Bailey. Carisi arrests him.

Emerson goes on about the history of Central Park. Carisi points out that there are a lot of kids there too. Also this suspect never reported the car stolen.

Stone says they need something that isn't circumstantial so he can get a warrant.

Benson interviews Bailey in another room while the dads argue. Bailey says the bad man squeezed her tight but when it hurt he stopped. Bailey IDs Emerson from a photo lineup.

Bailey's dads don't want her to testify.  Olivia says she wants a warrant.

Emerson's mom whines this is harassment. They find a kid's jersey in Emerson's room. They also open a garage. Carisi notices there are two different types of grass in the yard. He finds it suspicious. They have some cops dig it up and find a skull -- a child was buried back there. Carisi crosses himself.

Mrs. Mauer says her ex was a bum. Carisis says she had something to do with the skeleton in the backyard. She says maybe her son takes after his old man. Then she says that's hypothetical.

The cops find out the skull may have belonged to a missing six-year-old named Kevin Brown who disappeared in 2003. They talk to the sister. She took care of him when her mom got sick. He disappeared when she was 10 years old and went to get a soda in the park. She says it was her fault. She asks if he's dead. Benson says she doesn't know for sure. She shows her a photo of Mrs. Mauer. She doesn't recognize her.

Rollins hopes the skeleton is Kevin so at least they have something. Stone can't do anything without Bailey's testimony. Benson is frustrated. Stone says he will give Mrs. Mauer immunity as an accomplice in Bailey's kidnapping if she testifies in front of a grand jury and if she confesses to Kevin's, so be it.

Mrs. Mauer says she saw a light on in Emerson's room. She doesn't want to say what she saw. Stone says if she doesn't talk the immunity goes away. She says she saw him in bed with a little girl. She told him to put her in the trunk of the car and bring her back where he found her. He came back and said he stopped to get the girl candy and someone stole the car. 

Rollins is looking at photos. She notices something and goes to see Liv. She says Emerson's parents both have brown eyes and Emerson has blue eyes. Chances are that Emerson is not Mrs. Mauer's son. Benson calls Stone.

Carisi has canolis. Rollins says DNA shows that the kid in the yard was Mrs. Mauer's son. Rollins thinks Emerson is dead and Kevin kidnapped Bailey.

Stone revokes the immunity since she lied about Emerson being her son. Stone says she has til the DNA comes back to make a deal. They know she killed her son and kidnapped Kevin Brown. Mrs. Mauer says of course that's not her son. She and Zack had a disagreement on the top of the stairs. Zack pushed her and she bumped Emerson. He fell down the stairs and broke his neck. It was an accident. They didn't call the police because they were drunk and afraid they would think Zack killed him on person. She buried her son in the backyard and kidnapped Kevin to replace him. Zack left.  

Benson brings Diane in. Mrs. Mauer says she did Diane a favor, her parents didn't care about her and Kevin. Diane tells her her mom was dying. Mrs. Mauer says Kevin had a good life with her. She insists she deserved him because her child died. Benson tells her no.

Emerson/Kevin doesn't believe this. Diane watches as Emerson denies that any of this is true. Benson says he took Bailey to take care of her like Diane took care of him. He says he doesn't want to talk anymore.He is sobbing. So is Diane, who is running away. Benson says it will come back to him. Diane says he's not my brother anymore. She says she's not strong enough to handle this. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 17 Quotes

We're talking about a six-year-old girl who was grabbed in Central Park. Someone had to have seen something.


Bailey: Are you doctors too?
Benson: No, actually, we are police officers.
Bailey: I don't want to go to jail.
Benson: Oh no, honey, we just want to help. Can you tell us what happened?
Bailey: Daddy told me to wait for him but I went with the man anyway.