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At some sort of party, two women are getting high and kissing. Mark  Feurstein's character comes in and enjoys watching them. He kisses his girlfriend.

A girl who is drinking doesn't want to hook up with a random person. Mark Feurstein's character flirts with a bartender.

In the bathroom no-rando girl is crying and washing her face. Another woman asks if she's okay. The girl says too many Moscow Mules. The woman offers to get her boyfriend who is a doctor.

The bartender kicks everyone out of a bedroom and asks if anyone has seen Ava (the blonde girl who didn't want a hook up) Guy says she was wasted when she left.

Ava is wandering around out of it, almost gets hit by a taxi, bpushes a buzzer and asks for help. She wakes up some guy sleeping with another guy who says she has the wrong house. She says please please and collapses. The guy comes out and finds her. She says she's been raped. He calls 911 for her and gives her a blanket. Turns out she had party drugs and benzos in her system. 

Benson talks to Ava. She got sick after drinking. Remembers nothing but woke up in a strange bed ankles tied. She untied them and left. She remembers the guy smelled sweet. Ava says she remembers being raped by both a man and a woman.

The cops talk to bartender (Ava's friend) who didn't see her leave. Carisi asked her about Lee. She says Lee was with her all night. Fin wants to talk to her and Lee. He's kind of aggressive. There was one couple, a doctor with no name who brought an expensive bottle of wine.

Lee is ruled out by DNA. Rollins finds Dr. Heath Barron - a plastic surgeon with a reality show -- bought a bottle of wine like that.. Ava is called to make an ID. She ID's the guy played by Mark Feurstein. SHe doesn't watch TV so didn't see his reality show. His girlfriend is the woman who took her outside when she was feeling sick. The woman let her have a drink from her water bottle and didn't remember anything after, but the woman said her boyfriend was a doctor.

Benson goes to talk to Barron. He says sex becomes complicated. He doesn't know why Ava accused him of rape. He says Ava offered him drugs. The wife tells Carisi Ava was into it and she was confused. She says Ava wanted to have a three way with them.

Benson says Ava had Klonopin in her system. Barron says that would have been a dangerous combination and he wouldn't have given that to Ava. Sadie claims Ava came onto them.

Barron says he has a reputation to uphold and didn't rape anyone -- if this keeps up he's calling his lawyer.

Benson and Rollins discuss whether the Barrons' story is true. Ava comes in and Benson updates her. Benson says she is trying to find out what happened. Ava gets upset and says they don't believe her. She says the couple raped her. Benson says okay. She will build a case and start by getting a search warrant.

The search shows a lot of prescription drugs and  BDSM materials. The cops also find videos of unconscious girls having sex including Ava.

The Barrons are arrested. They object that three-ways shouldn't be illegal.

The Barrons argue that watching sex isn't illegal. Barron insists that one of the women was pretending to be unconscious and wanted what he did to them. He tries to tell Carisi he would want this too. Carisi and Fin look at each other and Carisi asks for Melissa's number.

Rollins confronts Sadie who says a distressed woman was orgasming.Sadie tries to convince Benson and Rollins want to have sex with women. She says she doesn't need a lawyer.

The cops interview a bunch of women who claim this is consensual and no one else's business. 

The Barrons are released ROR. The other women's claims of consent are going to hurt Ava's case. The Barrons' first move is to go on a talk show and claim that this is consensual kink. Ava shows up and says they are liars. Benson tells Ava she's not a prude. She tries to get Ava to calm down. Ava says she no longer wants to press charges, she's done.

Carisi finds an encrypted video that is particularly vivid. The girl is no more than 15, and Carisi thinks Barron  made the video 14 years ago when this girl disappeared. The cops talk to a woman that rejected Heath in medical school.

C.C. Taylor's father looks at the video and is super upset. He says his daughter went to school and never came home. He asks if the video is out on the Internet. Benson says no. Mr. Taylor is grateful for that. He asks if his daughter is dead. He says his wife and him didn't raise her like that. The girl smoked weed but they knew about it. The mother passed away last year after being hit by a drunk driver. He says CC and Ruth talked about everything. CC was happy til high school. CC wasn't in with the in crowd and didn't think she was pretty. There was nothing they could do or say to convince her otherwise. Her first crush was a lawyer now in LA. Benson asks if it was possible CC tried to get ahold of them? Mr. Taylor says they prayed every night for a sign she was a live. 7 years ago they had a fake funeral for her. It It didn't help.

Fin and Carisi interview Heath's old landlord. She says she doubts any girl moved in with Heath because Heath was fixated on this girl in med school who didn't want him. Fin and Carisi ask to look in the basement. They find it is the place where the video was shot. Ms. Kimball never noticed a panel on the wall. The detectives send her away and tear out the wall. They find a body. Mrs. Kimball comes back with water or tea or something and drops the cups.

The body was covered in lye, which a med student would know to do. Benson says let's not get ahead of themselves. Rollins says DNA shows the body is not CC!

Sadie is called in. She says she feels sorry for Ava. Benson shows Sadie the video. Rollins says that's pedophilia and Barron tries to say that someone emailed him. He wants to know how Rollins knew where he lived anyway. Rollins says Louise told him. Heath seems super excited about Louise.

Sadie doesn't think Heath killed anyone. She asks if Benson hates sex or is scared of it. Benson says she doesn't care about the Barrons' private life, but someone else got hurt. Sadie refuses to believe this and says you can't provve anything anyway.  Benson realizes Sadie is CC. Sadie denies it. Benson tells her that Rob Kurtz is in LA now. It's time to stop protecting him.

Sadie says Benson has never been in love. She says she's everything to Heath. Benson asks why does Heath have other people in his bed? Sadie confesses. She and her friend Moira ran away with Heath. Moira disappeared and Heath panelled the wall. Benson says maybe it was an accident but anyway when he got bored with Moira he turned to CC. Sadie denies it, Heath loves her. Benson disagrees. HEath is looking for a perfection that doesn't exist.

Barron says women are tortured by what-ifs. He's sure Rollins identifies with that. He says he makes fantasies real, but he doesn't kill little girls. Rollins tells him fantasies are never real. Rollins says Barron is under arrest for murder.

CC/Sadie says they just gave Ava drugs and didn't hurt her. Sadie says she just likes being beautiful.

Ava realizes Sadie is sad and says she'll testify

Stone has made a deal with Sadie.

Mr. Taylor shows up. CC is in a jail cell by herself. Her father looks at her. She is sobbing that she is sorry. Her father hugs her.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 11 Quotes

With that level of intoxication, let's hope she knows what planet she's on.


Just because it's cold and people are lonely doesn't mean they're desperate to curl up with some rando.